Neuroprotection and Therapeutic approaches


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Objectifs et compétences

Objectifs :
Understand the mechanism of mitostasis in neurons

Understanding mitostatic apparatus transcends neurological disorders that are directly caused by disruption of that apparatus; in many pathological states

Integrate new data that improve mitostasis to improve mitochondrial health and benefit neuronal survival

Understand enteric microbiota-gut-brain axis

Understand the role of gut microbiota in the development of neuropathologies

Develop knowledge on the main principles and experimental models of gut microbiota dysfunction-induced neurological disorders

Couple the results of up to date in new therapeutic strategies to restore the complex dialogue between enteric microbes and the host and re-establish a balanced gut-brain axis.

Understand neuroinflammatory and immune system pathways that impact neurodegeneration and novel exciting findings i.e. microvesicles, inflammasomes and signalosomes will ultimately enhance our understanding of the pathological process

Identify the epigenetic mechanisms regulating astrocyte responses in neurodegenerative diseases

Integrate epigenetic mechanisms that contribute to various functions of astrocytes from differentiation to inflammatory response.

Capacity to explore new avenues in the treatment of neurodegeneration.

Knowledge the molecular mechanism of Neuropeptidergic Systems in neuroprotection

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