Creativity, Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship


Langue d'enseignement : Anglais
Crédits ECTS: 6


  • Heures d'enseignement dispensées à l'étudiant : 100 heures
  • Temps de travail personnel : 200 heures

Objectifs et compétences

Objectifs :
Creativity, Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Module delivered by Tecnalia is based on team-entrepreneurship, building for that interdisciplinary teams that aim at solving and working in real projects for customers or end-users in a learning-by-doing basis. Also communities of practices of young entrepreneurs/managers are created as a space to share their current business ideas, challenges and problems in order to become more competitive and learn from each other. In both cases it is necessary the support and facilitation of a team coach to lead the process and facilitate the training sessions and all learning activities. This module allows participants to enhance their talent and develop the skills needed for creating innovative projects. Participants are trained for the development and implementation of new projects, products or services that generate value in society, as well as lead the creation of new businesses and / or lead new innovative projects within existing companies.

Organisation pédagogique

le mode de fonctionnement de l'UE est présenté au début des enseignements

Contrôle des connaissances

Session 1

2 Contrôles continus : coef 1 (2 x 0.5)

Session 2

Report des 2 notes de Contrôle continu : coef 1 (2 x 0.5)

Lectures recommandées

l'ensemble des références bibliographiques est communiqué au début des enseignements

Responsable de l'unité d'enseignement

Manuel Gaudon


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