Functional and cognitive neuroanatomy


Langue d'enseignement : Anglais
Crédits ECTS: 9


  • Heures d'enseignement dispensées à l'étudiant : 80 heures
  • Temps de travail personnel : 150 heures

Objectifs et compétences

Objectifs :
To know

• The basic principles of the nervous system organization and the main function of each part

• The main neural pathways discharging the main functions of neural processing

• The main transmitters operating in each system

• The rationale of sensory overlapping, homeostasis processing, behavioral responses and feed back functions.

• The basic methods of functional neuroanatomy.

To understand

• How information is being processed in each system and subsystem

• How different modalities of information are being overlapped along the neuakl pathways

• How connections are behind neural processing

• How interfering neural processing in a particular nucleus or structure may undergo behavioral changes

• How a lesion may undergo in a variety of symptoms

Compétences :
  • Design experimental protocols
  • Process and analyse data using appropriate tools including specialised software

  • Have in-depth knowledge of at least one specialized Neurosciences field
  • Apply the basic technical approaches of Neurosciences 4.1 Neuroanatomy 4.2 Neurophysiology 4.3 Cellular & molecular neurosciences 4.4 Neuropharmacology 4.5 Behavioural approaches
  • Formulate appropriate questions and propose effective investigations to complex Neurosciences issues: 5.1. Identify and critically asses theoretical and practical approaches to develop appropriate strategies of investigation 5.2 Critically review specialized bibliography 5.3 Monitor and evaluate results
  • Name the technical approaches of Neurosciences, explain their theoretical groundings and know when to use them

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