All distance training Post Graduate Diploma "Agronomy of Plants with health benefits" (for food supplements and cosmetics)

This training course has been created essentially for health practitioners and professionals from companies interested in Food supplements based on plants. It delivers a Post Graduate Diploma (DU) from the University of Bordeaux. The training mixes students from different origins namely Health, Agronomy, Pharmaceutical Industry and Food Industry.


›To understand how different growing methods  of plants with health benefits can influence the levels of biomolecules of interest
›To know how to take into account agronomy parameters to create a food supplement based on plants
›To know the French and European Regulations and to compare them to regulations from other countries in order to discover new market opportunities




›Agricultural Techniques for Plants with Health Benefits
›Diversity of Plants with Health Benefits
›Standardization of Plants with Health Benefits
›Sustainability of the Production of Plants with Health Benefits


›Professionals from the food supplement industry (plant production, extraction, analysis, formulation, manufacturing, tests, controls, sales …)
›Pharmacists from the industry who can create new food supplements
›Health Practitioners: medical doctors, pharmacists who can advise on food supplements


Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

Students: hold an initial Bachelor’s degree (or three years / 180 ECTS equivalent) from a university in the field of Biosciences, Chemical Sciences, Health or Agronomy.

Professionals: this training course is also open to professionals (with at least five years experience) including health practitioners, food-supplement companies employees, agronomists.


E-learning activities are offered on the Moodle platform of Bordeaux University including work on glossaries and on a distance collaborative project.
Lectures are recorded and translated into English and are available for an individual viewing on demand. Viewing is closed at the end of the scholar period.
Equipment required: Computer, Internet connection.

Professionals are involved in this training course.


The postgraduate diploma on Agronomy of Plants with Health Benefits is part of the Biology Master’s, specializing in Agroscience, delivered by the University of Bordeaux (Semester 1). This program includes:

› Agronomy of plants with health benefits

› Food supplements: safety, efficiency, innovation

› Food supplements: physiological and medical approaches

The program on Agronomy of Plants with Health Benefits deals with production, regulation and research in the domain of food-supplements. It focuses in particular on plant production, selection and quality analysis. Different production methods are presented as well as their effects on the beneficial and adverse substances in plants with health benefits.

Another aspect of the program concerns French and European regulations which are analyzed and explained.

International students are encouraged to present their own regulations in order to identify differences and market opportunities.


› 9 months, equivalent to 120 hours of distance training:
48 hours of lectures, a 30 hour collaborative project, 31 hours of individual work, 1 hour of final examination (video-assessment).


Tuition fees

› Annual tuitions fees: 3000 €

› Students’ fee can be reduced according to dossier examination



Flyer All distance Post-graduate Diploma. Agronomy of plants with health benefits (for food supplements and cosmetics)

This Post graduate Diploma was created thanks to the strong partnership between the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Sciences Agro

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All distance training Post Graduate Diploma "Agronomy of Plants with health benefits" (for food supplements and cosmetics)