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All positions open to recruitment at the University of Bordeaux are accessible to all profiles, including people with disabilities.

There are job offers specially reserved for beneficiaries of the obligation to employ (BOE), people with disabilities who are not civil servants, but who meet the same diploma requirements as those for the public service competitive exam.

These positions published in March and April every year, offer one-year employment contracts, after which tenure can be granted following an interview.

Who can be recognised as an obligation to employ beneficiary (BOE)?

  • workers recognised as disabled (RQTH)
  • people receiving a disability pension, disability allowance or benefit, disabled adult allowance
  • disability card holders
  • beneficiaries of military disability and war victim pensions
  • victims of an occupational accident or illness having caused a permanent disability of at least 10% and who receive a pension from a compulsory social protection plan

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Talking about your disability or your specific needs is a personal choice and process. We are available to listen to you from the recruitment phase and throughout your career in order to offer you the best possible working conditions in an accommodated environment.

Nathalie Constant, Disability liaison officer

The University of Bordeaux adapts to your situation

The University of Bordeaux provides you with individual support at every stage of your career: organising accommodated exam and job interview conditions, working hours, work stations and supplies, payment of transport costs and financial aid for equipment, etc.

The University honours its commitment by organising disabled sport events © University of Bordeaux
The University honours its commitment by organising disabled sport events © University of Bordeaux

Adaptations, accommodations and aid

Adapted workstations

  • Ergonomically accommodated workstations, purchase of equipment adapted to the disability, etc.
  • Financial aid for the acquisition of personal equipment (protheses, wheelchairs, etc.) after reimbursement by the usual organisations (social security, mutual insurance, MDPH, etc.)
  • Multi-year investments devoted to accommodating the premises and improving accessibility to the workplace

Adapted conditions for professional duties

  • Possibility of flexible working hours for limited periods of time
  • Right to part-time work schedule (pay will be proportional to the number of hours worked)
  • Implementation of a teleworking protocol if necessary

Continuing education

  • adapted to your disability and the equipment set up at your workstation
  • adapted to possible job change or re-deployment

Social and financial aid

  • Coverage of home-to-work transport costs under certain conditions
  • Financing of specific accommodations of the vehicle for personal or professional use
  • Accommodation of workspace at home in the event of teleworking
  • Specific assistance and loans (i.e.: moving allowance for BOE recruitment)
  • In addition to this assistance, the university social services can also help you with personal matters

Disability policy

The roadmap set by the University of Bordeaux in terms of its disability policy is divided into several specific plans of action to welcome and support students and staff with disabilities throughout their academic and professional careers.

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  • Nathalie Constant

    Disability Liaison Officer

    +33 (0)5 40 00 65 49

  • Recruitment Department

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