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Discover new, unexpected or little-known worlds via the university's cultural offerings.

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"Happy-cosmos", dance creation for the festival promoting student creations © Gautier Dufau


Backed by the cultural team and all those involved in university life, these festivals give the year its tempo, because there's more to your life as a student than just studying.

Fête la rentrée / Back-to-University Festival

At the University of Bordeaux, studying is obviously important, but there's an exciting campus life, too. Find out what's going on during the Back-to-University week of festivities, with creations prepared especially for you.

Visit Hello, your back-to-university website (in French)


Get ready for the December holidays with a festive, eco-responsible programme. Follow Cultural events on social media to make the most of our Advent calendar.

Moissons d'avril

Moissons d'avril is THE festival that showcases student creations (in French) with a rich, eclectic programme (shows, concerts, performances, exhibitions, etc.).
To join the festival, submit your artistic project to the Cultural Department.

FACTS: festival of the arts & sciences

Because science is alive, creative and poetic, the University of Bordeaux provides a different way of looking at it, through the works resulting from artist residencies in Bordeaux campus research laboratories.

The aim of this festival is to explore and experiment with the different facets of the relationship between the arts and sciences, highlighting science in music, painting and sculpture, and bringing it to life on stage and off.

Check out previous FACTS festivals (in French)

Curieuse visite

Curieuse visite invites you to tour the striking or unusual places on the University of Bordeaux campus sites.

The project led to the production of an original digital creation enabling you to tour the university with an artistic eye and (re)discover the works and heritage in your surroundings.

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Team up with regional stakeholders to bring all forms of artistic expression to life, on and off the university campus.

Walls for Art

In partnership with the art library "Les Arts au Mur" (in French), contemporary art is on show in the university libraries. During key campus events, guides from the art library organise times to exchange and reflect on the exhibitions.

For each exhibition, students are invited to choose the theme of the works they would like to see displayed on the walls of the university libraries!


Dansitude is a project to raise awareness of contemporary dance, run by the University of Bordeaux cultural department, in the form of performances and workshops for the public, in partnership with La manufacture CDCN Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Tickets for performances are reserved for the university community: to benefit from them, sign up for the cultural newsletter

Les Campulsations

Les Campulsations, a festival held at the beginning of each academic year, is organised by the CROUS in partnership with the University of Bordeaux, regional authorities, cultural associations and organisations. Its aim is to diversify the cultural events offered to students in their everyday environment and to make them more aware of the cultural venues on campus and in the Bordeaux metropolitan area.

Learn more (in French)

Street art on campus

Street art projects and works are created on campus year round.
In partnership with Muralis Art Urbain (in French) in Dax for the Institute of Balneotherapy or Shake Well (in French) and student associations for the Bordeaux campus sites.

International Week

The University of Bordeaux is open to the world and cross-cultural dialogue! The cultural department plays a role in that openness by organising workshops, activities, performances and conferences that question our relationship with others.

The MEB: a museum at the university

The Bordeaux Museum of Ethnography (MEB) has unique collections of objects from the non-European world, assembled in the late 19th century and testifying to historical and cultural specificities no longer present.

The MEB also organises temporary exhibitions aimed at the restitution of cross-disciplinary scientific programmes or thematic presentations of its collections.

Learn more (in French)

Flowering junk ship, MEB collection © Hugues Bretheau, University of Bordeaux
Flowering junk ship, MEB collection © Hugues Bretheau, University of Bordeaux

Campus Radio

Radio Campus, the student community radio station is set up on the roof of the Maison des Arts in the heart of the University Bordeaux-Montaigne campus.

Set your radio dial to 88.1 FM and follow Radio Campus on Facebook (in French).

Check out the Radio Campus programme on their website (in French)

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    Got an idea for a radio programme? Want to become a station commentator?

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