Our commitments

The University of Bordeaux honours its societal and environmental commitments. It ensures that equality and diversity are respected within the university, and remains attentive to the well-being of its community.

  • Societal and environmental transitions

    The University of Bordeaux is taking transformative action to meet the environmental, social, economic and political challenges of our times.

  • Equality and diversity

    Nurtured by humanist values and upholding a policy that emphasises well-being and quality of life, the University of Bordeaux strives for equality and respect for diversity within its community.

  • Quality of life

    The University of Bordeaux is mindful of the well-being and health of its staff and students. For that reason, since 2017, it has been involved in a process to improve the quality of life of each and every member of its community.

  • Disability services

    The objectives set by the University of Bordeaux in terms of disabilities are divided into several specific plans of action in order to accommodate and support staff and students with disabilities while they work and study.