Resource persons

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There are a number of resource persons and contacts available to support and assist you in several different fields based on your needs.

  • Security and defence officer

    Yves Gambier

    +33 (0)5 40 00 61 40

  • Head of Access to administrative documents

    Corinne Le Berre

  • Staff with disabilities

    Nathalie Constant

    +33 (0)6 19 64 75 12

  • Mediator

    Élisabeth Speletta

  • Occupational accident/illness

    Stéphane Marchand

  • Head of Information systems security

    Soben Chem

  • Personal data protection representative

    Xavier Daverat

  • Defence and national security

    Anne-Marie Tournepiche

Ethics and deontology

  • Secularity contact

    Catherine Gauthier

  • Scientific integrity contact

    Antoine de Daruvar

  • Ethics/Deontology contact

    Aurélie Bergeaud-Wetterwald

  • Whistleblower contact

    Aurélie Bergeaud-Wetterwald

  • Watchdog office for sexual harassment, gender-based and homophobic violence