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To help you get settled, your University of Bordeaux points of contact are the Welcome Centre for International Researchers (WCIR) and the Student Life Centres (BVE).

Photo : The Welcome Centre for International Researchers © University of Bordeaux
The Welcome Centre for International Researchers © University of Bordeaux

Reception and contacts

Welcome Centre for International Researchers

The Welcome Centre helps doctoral students who have signed a contract to work in France with procedures concerning: conditions for entry in France, obtaining a residence permit, health insurance and social security, income tax declaration, etc.


  • Welcome Centre for International Researchers

    166 cours de l'Argonne
    33000 Bordeaux

    + 33 (0)5 40 00 68 73


Student Life Centres

Student Life Centres (BVEs) are key locations that welcome students and provide information, guiding them to the different university services on each campus.

  • BVE - Peixotto-Bordes campus (Talence) / Point of contact

    Stéphanie Danaux
    351 cours de la Libération, Bât. A22
    33405 Talence Cedex

    +33 (0)5 40 00 64 02 / Point of contact: +33 (0)5 40 00 84 84


  • BVE - Montesquieu campus (Pessac) / Helpdesk

    Cécile Pellarini
    Avenue Léon Duguit
    33608 Pessac

    +33 (0)5 56 84 62 61


  • BVE - Carreire and Victoire campus (Bordeaux) / Helpdesk

    146 rue Léo-Saignat
    33076 Bordeaux Cedex

    +33 (0)5 57 57 17 79


Campus France

Campus France is a public institute in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and hosting incoming foreign students and researchers in France. Consult the Campus France website for all the practical information you need to plan ahead for your arrival in France.

Campus France website

Long-stay visa or residence permit

To pursue your university studies in France, you may need a residence permit.

Nationals from the following countries are exempt from visa and residence permit requirements: European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway.
A valid ID card or passport is all that is required.

All other foreign students must apply for a long-stay visa equivalent to a (VLS-TS) residence permit with student status (valid for 4 months to 1 year).

After 1 year, you can apply for a temporary student residence permit (valid for 1 year) or a multi-annual student residence permit (valid for 2 to 4 years). In some cases, the residence permit may be issued automatically.

Visit the French Ministry of Interior website to find all the procedures (in French)


French law requires that a foreign student has sufficient means of subsistence to study in France without working, i.e. a minimum monthly amount of 615€. You will be asked for proof of this when you apply for your visa.

To live comfortably in Bordeaux, it is important to plan your budget sufficiently, in particular for accommodation.


Health coverage

To register at the University of Bordeaux, you will need to provide:

  • For European Union nationals: a copy of your European Health Insurance Card.
  • For non-EU nationals: proof of international insurance valid for the entire duration of your mobility.
  • For all: proof of repatriation and civil liability insurance, valid for the entire duration of your mobility.


Once you have found your accommodation, you will need to take out home insurance, which is mandatory in France for all places of residence.

  • Finding accommodation

    Your number one objective after registering is to find accommodation and that can be quite a challenge! Especially in Bordeaux. Here are a few tips to help you in your search.

Welcome Guide for International Researchers

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