Enrich and enhance your experience

Several options are available at the University of Bordeaux for enriching your curriculum. For example, a gap year or semester, internships or entrepreneurial initiatives, etc.
Experience and skills that can then be highlighted on your CV.

Photo : Experience and skills to be highlighted on your CV © 123RF
Experience and skills to be highlighted on your CV © 123RF
  • Entrepreneurial initiatives

    Tempted by an entrepreneurial adventure? The University of Bordeaux and UBee Lab can help you by providing support and tools for your project, from the idea phase through to the business set-up phase and including the development phase.

  • Gap year or semester

    A gap year or semester (called 'césure' in French) is a system that allows students to take a one- or two-semester break from academia to develop non-academic skills and acquire new personal or professional experience in France or abroad.

  • Internships

    Carrying out an internship is often an essential phase in a student's education and, sometimes, it is even the starting point for a career. All University of Bordeaux students, regardless of their course of study, can do one or several internships during their years at university.

  • Open Badges

    Since the start of the 2020 academic year, the university has been experimenting with digital badges. Why? To acknowledge skills acquired by students, beyond their academic studies, in relation to their personal skills, achievements or commitments.

  • Learn a foreign language

    The University of Bordeaux offers a wide, varied range of modern languages. Whatever you are studying, you will have to take a foreign language course. However, you are free to learn and practise other languages, either as an elective course, or for your own self-improvement.

  • Certifications

    The University of Bordeaux offers several certifications that allow you to validate your skill levels - whether in French, other foreign languages or digital skills - and highlight them on your CV.

  • Coh@bit FabLab

    A Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a collaborative workshop equipped with machines and tools for the design and production of objects. The university's Coh@bit FabLab provides students with all the resources they need to carry out a project from A to Z.