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With nearly 1,000 new staff members hired every year, the University of Bordeaux is the third largest employer in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Join a community rich in diversity, involved in its region, socially responsible and open to society.

Photo : The University of Bordeaux welcomes 1000 new staff members a year © University of Bordeaux
The University of Bordeaux welcomes 1000 new staff members a year © University of Bordeaux

Make your career meaningful: join the University of Bordeaux!

Why work at the University of Bordeaux?

Working at the University of Bordeaux means joining and being part of a community that is supportive and rich in diversity, open to the world and concerned about the quality of life and work of its community members.

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The university is committed to improving the quality of its recruitment process

The University of Bordeaux is committed to respecting the values and principles of ethics and transparency, regardless of the method of recruitment used or the status of the individuals recruited - whether for permanent or fixed-term contract positions.

These values and principles are aimed at promoting recruitment effectiveness while guaranteeing each applicant is treated fairly in accordance with the regulations in effect.

Recruitment Charter (in French)

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Staff with disabilities

All positions open to recruitment are accessible to all profiles, including people with disabilities. 

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She/he/they make up the University of Bordeaux

Portraits and interviews with the people, whatever their gender, who make up the University of Bordeaux.

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Your first steps at the university

Once you've been recruited, the human resources department will assist you with the administrative procedures and provide you with all the information you need about your new work environment.

Tools and resources will be available to help you get adjusted more easily, such as the Welcome Guide and orientation day for new employees.

Consult the "First steps" section on the Intranet (in French)

Badges nouveaux collaborateurs
Badges of new hires © University of Bordeaux