Graduate Programs

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University of Bordeaux Graduate Programs combine training and research focused on themed specialities. While working towards a Master or a PhD degree, acquire international scientific expertise.

Photo : Doctoral graduation ceremony © Gautier Dufau
Doctoral graduation ceremony © Gautier Dufau

The university of Bordeaux Graduate Programs cover a wide range of topics: neuroscience, light sciences and technologies, digital public health, complex digital systems, advanced chemistry, cancer biology and cardiac electrophysiology.

These programs merge Master and doctoral components to offer post-Bachelor courses, largely focused on research in scientific fields of excellence. The Graduate Programs are aimed at highlighting University of Bordeaux research activities and degrees on the international level.

NeuroCampus © Gautier Dufau
NeuroCampus © Gautier Dufau

Bordeaux Neurocampus

An innovative and cross-disciplinary training curriculum in neuroscience. Students are an integral part of our experimental research projects within the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience.

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Light S&T

A curriculum that combines physics, chemistry and biology,  focused on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship in Light Sciences and Technologies.

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Intense Lasers and Applications Centre (CELIA) © Olivier Got-University of Bordeaux
Intense Lasers and Applications Centre (CELIA) © Olivier Got-University of Bordeaux

University of Bordeaux Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology and Development (ISPED), Carreire campus © Lionel Lizet
University of Bordeaux Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology and Development (ISPED), Carreire campus © Lionel Lizet

Digital Public Health (DPH)

DPH is a program that explores the impact of digital public health on society. Students establish their research on specific topics in epidemiology, statistics, computer science and social science.

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Training in the analysis of complex digital systems, Big Data and other technologically innovative services. Students benefit from a curriculum specialised in mathematics, engineering and computer science, combined with human and social sciences.

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Bibliothèque de recherche mathématique et informatique © Gautier Dufau
Computer Science and Mathematics Research Library © Gautier Dufau

Département Sciences & Technologies de la Santé © Gautier Dufau
Department of Health Science & Technology © Gautier Dufau

Cancer Biology

A cross-disciplinary and translational program in cancer biology that allows students to take part in University of Bordeaux research projects of excellence in oncology.

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EUREkA is a cross-disciplinary program in the field of chemistry and  physical chemistry of materials, from the design stage to their use for specific functions and applications.

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 ELORPrintTec, Équipement d'excellence pour l'électronique organique imprimée © Anael B
ELORPrintTec, equipment of excellence for printed organic electronics © Anael B

L’Institut hospitalo-universitaire de Rythmologie et modélisation Cardiaque  © A.Gilbert
Electrophysiology and Heart Modelling Institute (Liryc) © A.Gilbert

Cardiac EP

The Cardiac EP program is focused on interdisciplinary approaches in cardiac electrophysiology and bioengineering. Students with different specialities are trained in cardiac physiopathology/physiology and the development of innovative therapies in the field.

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SENSE offers an innovative and multidisciplinary program dedicated to the study of environmental issues and the management of ecological transitions. The goal is to address environmental challenges through thematic courses related to development, management and protection of eco- and agro-systems.

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PhD student at the ISVV @G.Dufau
Doctorant dans les vignes de l'ISVV © G.Dufau

PhD students at the CHU @G.Dufau
Doctorants dans les laboratoires du CHU de Bordeaux © G.Dufau

SiTH - Science and Technology for Health

SiTH offers an in-depth training program focused on health innovations including bioimaging, molecules and nanosciences for health, regenerative medicine, and translational medicine.

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