Victoire campus

In the heart of Bordeaux, this historical site is one of the city's most striking monuments, with its 19th century library in which 40 generations of students have studied. An ideal setting to give your studies a prestigious touch!

Photo : Library of Human Sciences on the Victoire campus © Anaelb
Library of Human Sciences on the Victoire campus © Anaelb

A landmark site in the heart of Bordeaux, this campus is home to human sciences research and studies.

At the campus entrance, the two statues that adorn its forecourt form a symbolic dyad representing Nature unveiling itself to Science
If you venture further, in the centre of the Atrium, you can read the motto "Pro Scientia Urbe et Patria" (For science, the city and the country­).

Programmes available on this campus

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Localisation associée :

Victoire Campus
3ter Pl. de la Victoire - 33000 Bordeaux

The campus essentials

  • University library of Human science

    The campus historical landmark. Contemporary works of art rub shoulders with collections of ancient books on a journey through time. (in French)

  • Language centre

    The Language centre offers foreign language courses free of charge for students and staff. It also organises blind tests, debates and quiz parties in English. (in French)

  • Career guidance centre

    Eager to help you succeed as a student, the university will guide you through your course of study to your first job.

  • PHASE department

    Your student life may sometimes require support. PHASE is there to help you: flexible exam arrangements, loan of equipment, etc.

  • Student Life Centre

    The Student Life Centre provides assistance in creating a student association, financing your student projects or helping you to apply for social aid.

  • Cultural department

    The university offers a variety of artistic workshops ranging from dance to video games, supervised by professionals.

  • University of Bordeaux Museum of Ethnography (MEB)

    The MEB, a century-old Institution in the city centre, beckons you to explore. Discover the ancestral collections and plunge into the heart of human evolution. (in French)

  • Law Clinic

    The Social Law Clinic provides free legal information to anyone who needs to know their rights. This service is offered by the university's law students. (in French)

  • Dining areas

    Le Musée is the closest dining hall, right next to the Leyteire courtyard. The other two university dining halls are located right next to the Capucins market. (in French)