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After your administrative registration and depending on your situation, you can apply for social assistance and/or exemption from tuition fees.

Photo : Applications for aid can only be submitted online © Gautier Dufau
Applications for aid can only be submitted online © Gautier Dufau
  • Applications for exemption from tuition fees can only be made after having paid them.
  • Students with CROUS scholarships are already exempt from paying tuition fees.
  • Application review commissions meet twice a month.
  • Applications for exemption are made during the first semester (September-January).

Complete your application

The application procedure for full exemption from tuition fees and/or social assistance is filed on an online platform and is entirely paperless.
No paper applications will be accepted.

Before filing your application for exemption and/or social assistance, you must follow the steps below.

1 - Application entry

Applications are reviewed as they are received, by monthly commissions.

It takes about 30-40 minutes to fill in the application, provided you have all the required supporting documents. We recommend that you check the FAW to determine the documents required as proof of resources (income) and expenses.
Fill in your application, within the deadline, carefully following the instructions given, screen by screen. In order for your application to be validated, you must continue through to the last screen.
Warning: if you are accidentally disconnected or if you do not complete the procedure, the information entered will not be kept.


  • Before starting to enter your data, prepare the requested supporting documents in PDF format (maximum size: 300 KB).
  • Each amount specified in resources or expenses must be justified by a document, to be downloaded with the application.
  • If you have nothing to declare, enter 0 and no supporting documents will be required.
  • When you have finished, don't forget to save your application.

You can ask the Student Life Centre for assistance with the online application. Computer stations are available at their helpdesks.

2 - Submission confirmation

Once you have filed your application on the platform, notification of your application submission will be sent to you by e-mail as well as an anonymous ID number to be kept as you will need it for the rest of the procedure.

3 - Application verification

The Student Life Centres, in charge of processing the applications, check your application and the supporting documents provided.

If the application is incomplete, additional documents will be requested within 8 days. Without the additional documents, your application will not be reviewed by the commission.

4 - Appointment with social services

You should make an appointment in advance. If you have not already done so, you should make an appointment with a social worker to assess your social situation.

  • If you are only applying for exemption from tuition fees, the appointment is not mandatory, unless you are a doctoral student. Doctoral students must make an appointment with the Student Health Centre social worker.
  • If you are applying for social assistance, the appointment is mandatory. You must, as a priority, make an appointment with a Bordeaux-Aquitaine CROUS social worker, except for doctoral students and students monitored by the Student Health Centre (ESE); in that case, the ESE social worker is the one who must be contacted.

You are strongly advised to make an appointment with a social worker as soon as possible, as soon as you start your application process. To do so, you must have the anonymous ID number received in the notification e-mail.

5 - Commission review

After your situation has been assessed by a social worker, your complete application is reviewed anonymously by a commission.

The commissions meet twice monthly.

6 - Decision notification

You will receive notification by e-mail to collect the decision letter at the Student Life Centre on your campus.
If your application has been approved, there are no further steps to take.

No information is given by phone.

Access the platform

Before submitting your application, make sure you have checked the different steps above.

You can also consult the regulatory texts related to the forms of assistance and/or exemption to check your eligibility.


Complete your application

Student Life Centres (BVEs) can answer your questions and help you with: filling in your application online, supporting documents, eligibility criteria, etc.

Locate your Student Life Centre (BVE)

  • Student Life Centre (BVE): social services


  • Student Health Centre (Pessac campus)

    Social Services
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
    L'Escabelle, 22 avenue Pey-Berland, Pessac

    +33 (0)5 33 51 42 09

  • Student Health Centre (Bordeaux Victoire)

    Social Services
    Monday & Thursday
    3 ter Place de la Victoire, Bâtiment F - 1er étage, Bordeaux

    +33 (0)5 57 57 18 05

CROUS Social Services

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