Rencards du savoir

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The Rencards du savoir (literally, 'Knowledge meet-ups') invite the general public to take an interest in Bordeaux research, thanks to a yearly programme of debates on current topics, held in local cafés and cinemas.

Photo : Women, their bodies and health © Musée d'Aquitaine
Women, their bodies and health © Musée d'Aquitaine

Running since 2017, these lecture cycles are organised throughout the academic year. The Rencards du savoir take place on the different university campuses or in different venues in the Bordeaux metropolitan area.

These meetings and discussions with the general public offer an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics dealing with the relationship between science and society. They are also a chance to discover research in all its forms, away from the laboratories and universities.

2022-2023 Programme (in French)

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The science outreach project of the Rencards du savoir is diversifying to include podcasts, produced from the debate-lectures.

Check out the podcasts on the University of Bordeaux Soundcloud channel and on all the usual streaming platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Apple podcast, etc.)

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