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The university is a democracy and student representatives are present in its various governing bodies. They represent you and take part in decisions that shape the life of the institution.

Photo : Montaigne-Montesquieu campus © Gautier Dufau
Montaigne-Montesquieu campus © Gautier Dufau

Student representatives on Central Boards

Useful information

University of Bordeaux policy is determined by two "central" boards: the board of directors and the academic board, in which the different university populations are represented: university lecturer-researchers, administrative staff and students.

Student representatives are therefore the voice of their community, defending its rights and making its needs, expectations and difficulties known.

With a deliberative vote on the boards in the same way as the other members, student representatives take part in elaborating and adopting all the important decisions in the life of the university: academic, financial and administrative. The board prepares, discusses and votes on those decisions.

For example, in terms of teaching, the student representatives are asked to give their opinion and then to vote on important issues that affect them directly: choice of courses offered, number of hours, balance between lectures and tutorials, coefficients for each subject, rules for validating diplomas, etc.

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The "Josy Reiffers" University Library of Life Science and Health © Gautier Dufau

Student reps on training component boards

Student representatives also sit on the boards of colleges, faculties and teaching units.

For example, on the college boards, the student representatives discuss and validate assessment testing methods, internationalisation of courses, admission to degree programmes, design and organisation of the academic courses offered, etc. 

Student Vice-Presidents on campus life councils

Working with the student Vice-President, the campus life Vice-Presidents can be contacted for any question about student life, campus activities, student associations, etc.

Feel free to contact them!

  • Mickaël Larivière

    Student Vice-President

  • Romain Brégéras

    Student Vice-President - Carreire campus life council

  • Judith Benichou-Rocheville

    Student Vice-President - Victoire campus life council

  • Sacha Duperret

    Student Vice-President - Peixotto & Bordes campus life council

  • Hal Benchetrit

    Student Vice-President - Montesquieu campus life council