International research

Research conducted at the University of Bordeaux is highly international, not only in terms of visibility and reputation, but also in terms of what it produces and how it is organised.

  • The university's research findings are communicated to scientific communities worldwide and regularly included in European or international scientific programmes.
  • Thanks to its multinational teams, supported by mobility and exchange programmes, international research is thriving.
  • International laboratories

    The University of Bordeaux, together with the CNRS, Inserm and INRAE research bodies, encourages its research teams to participate in programmes such as the International Joint Laboratories scheme.

  • European research projects

    With a strong worldwide focus, the University of Bordeaux actively participates in European funding programmes for research. In addition to fostering cooperation between researchers from different countries and fields, those resources contribute to producing high-level research and promoting the university's scientific expertise.

  • ENLIGHT: creating a European university alliance

    The ENLIGHT project and its ENLIGHT RISE programme aim to create a broad cooperation for education and research on a European scale, for a greener, healthier, fairer and more sustainable Europe.