Doctoral students

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Doctoral students are junior researchers and future scientific experts. Their research work requires an approach guided by interaction, curiosity, methodological riguour and in-depth fieldwork.

Photo : Over 2000 doctoral students enrolled every year at the University of Bordeaux © Gautier Dufau
Over 2000 doctoral students enrolled every year at the University of Bordeaux © Gautier Dufau

A Doctorate is the highest-ranking university degree and allows students to acquire recognised scientific expertise. The University of Bordeaux doctoral programmes open up international perspectives and a wide range of professional opportunities.

The Doctorate: the university's most prestigious degree

The Graduate Research School makes up the centre of excellence in the field of training in research. Junior researchers can acquire professional experience in a research unit.

In a context of globalisation and exchange, the Doctorate's international perspectives are a top priority for the University of Bordeaux.

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The Graduate Research School coordinates the whole doctoral field and provides support to the university's 2,000 doctoral students to foster the conditions for an optimal career path, both nationally and internationally: registration, thesis defence, training and professional experience, international programmes, scientific outreach, promotion and development, etc.

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  • 50

    research specialities

  • 2,000+

    doctoral students enrolled each year

  • 8

    doctoral schools

  • 500+

    thesis defences per year

  • 7

    Graduate Programs

  • 200+

    thesis co-supervisions per year

The University of Bordeaux's 8 doctoral schools

  • Law
  • Economic sciences, management and demographics
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Science and environment
  • Physics and engineering
  • Health and life sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Society, politics, public health
Roger Marthan, Director - Graduate Research School

Above and beyond the wide range of research projects coordinated by the university, the objective is to maintain high-quality science. During a PhD, a variety of useful skills can be acquired for a graduate's future career. Through research work, doctoral students contribute to our academic reputation; they are ambassadors for the University of Bordeaux.

Roger Marthan, Graduate Research School director

Becoming a University of Bordeaux doctoral student

To enrol in a doctoral programme, you must hold a Master degree obtained in France or another degree conferring a Master degree equivalent. In addition to those degree prerequisites, you must meet the Graduate Research School's conditions for admission. The selection procedures are carried out by the doctoral schools: you will need to contact the school specialising in your field to enrol.

Registration for the recruitment campaign must be done via the ADUM portal.

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Permanent measures applicable to all recruitment processes

Article 11 of the Decree of 25 May 2016

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