Organisation and operations

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The University of Bordeaux is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution, managed by a President who is elected by its board of directors. It is made up of governing bodies, training components, research departments and administrative services.

  • The Presidential team

    The Presidential team is made up of the President, who oversees the university and is elected for four years by the board of directors, and Vice-Presidents who provide valuable support in fulfilling the President's mission.

  • Training components

    The University of Bordeaux organises its programmes into 4 main colleges, plus 3 specific establishments. It offers programmes in all fields, ranging from undergraduate degrees in technology to PhDs.

  • Research departments

    Research at the University of Bordeaux is organised in eleven departments, grouping together different types of facilities (joint research units, host groups, platforms, etc.) within each scientific field.

  • Directorate General of Services

    The Directorate General of Services is responsible for managing, organising and operating the university's administrative services.

  • Boards, commissions and committees

    The main policy guidelines and decisions are adopted by the boards, commissions and committees. These bodies are at the heart of the University of Bordeaux's democratic process and govern its activities and management.

  • Resource persons

    There are a number of resource persons and contacts available to support and assist you in several different fields based on your needs.