Share the awesome values of university sports. They'll give you a strong sense of belonging, plus solidarity with a team jersey, a taste for effort, conviction and commitment. Whether in competition, as part of your degree programme or just for leisure, the experience is sure to be fulfilling!

Photo : The women's rugby 7s team, French champions in 2019 © University of Bordeaux
The women's rugby 7s team, French champions in 2019 © University of Bordeaux
  • There's a sports activity suitable for everyone's course of study, personal interest and level.
  • The university arranges flexible study schedules and facilities to practice sports and physical activities for those who need them.

Sports à la carte

Are you a thrill-seeker, a team player or more into individual sports? The University of Bordeaux offers over forty sports activities: ranging from rugby to surfing, and including dance. There's something for everyone! 
Whether you are an experienced athlete, disabled or only do sports occasionally, you can recharge your batteries, improve your skills or discover new ones.
You can practice on your own or be supervised by physical education (PE) and sports professors. 

Adapted sports

The University accompanies students with a disability in their university sports activities, thanks to a wide range of adapted courses.

High-level sports

We encourage and closely support student athletes involved in high-level sports to help make their dual academic and athletic endeavours a success.

support system implementing personalised flexible study arrangements will allow you to reconcile your studies with preparation of major sports events (2024 Olympic Games, French and European Championships, etc.).

Thanks to our athletes' outstanding performances, the University of Bordeaux is building a culture and identity of a Sports Campus of Excellence and their victories are a source of inspiration for students.

  • 430

    top-level athletes

    benefit from specific support

  • 2

    sports campus sites and some 20 facilities

    (new or undergoing complete renovation) welcome you for classes or free access

  • 17,000


    play a sport at university every year

  • 40

    sports events per year

    to fly the University of Bordeaux flag, support its teams, compete or learn a new sport

A wide range of physical and sports activities available to all

  • Sports activities

    Discover all the sports activities offered by the sports centres, whether they're part of a degree programme for credit or not.

  • Top-level sports

    The University of Bordeaux is proud of its top-level athletes. It encourages them to complete their dual sports and academic endeavours successfully.

  • Open-access sports

    There's open access to a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities on the different Bordeaux campus sites.

  • Competitive sports

    Want to climb to the top of the podium? Different levels are open to you if you want to participate in university sports competitions.

  • Sports training courses and outings

    Sports training courses and outings let you do various activities, particularly in the great outdoors, combining discovery, fun and physical effort.

  • Sports facilities

    The sports facilities are located on 2 main campus sites: Monadey and Rocquencourt. They are all accessible to the entire university community.

Luan Mazet-Vignaud, French paralympic swimming hopeful, is an undergrad in Biology © Brool Video

The University of Bordeaux is committed to developing sports. I benefit from specific schedule arrangements to train for the 2024 Olympics and get effective recovery time that lets me keep working on my degree. 

Watch her video (in French)

Luan Mazet-Vignaud, French paralympic swimming hopeful, is an undergrad in Biology

Generation 2024: the University of Bordeaux on its way to the Olympics!

The university supports the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics that will be held in 2024 in Paris. It has been awarded the Generation 2024 label and "Terre de jeux" label for Rugby 7s.

It has invested over 35 million euros in sports facilities, with plans to create the connected and intelligent gymnasium, or SMART (for Sport Movement Ambition Research Technology) gym.

Keep track of sports news

To make sure you don't miss any sports scores, courses or events, follow the university's sports account on Instagram. 

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