Digital services

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On campus, at home or even elsewhere in France or abroad, the University of Bordeaux provides a modern and high-performance digital work environment (ENT).

Photo : Your virtual learning environment (VLE) gives you access to a wide range of resources: student file, email, directory, teaching platforms, course materials, resource materials, etc. © Gautier Dufau
Your virtual learning environment (VLE) gives you access to a wide range of resources: student file, email, directory, teaching platforms, course materials, resource materials, etc. © Gautier Dufau

To benefit from all the university's digital tools, remember to activate your IDNUM account.

IDNUM digital identity

To log into the digital services, and in particular the digital work environment (ENT), each student has a University of Bordeaux digital ID called "IDNUM".

If you are a new arrival, your digital ID will be created automatically when you submit your administrative registration. Once you have your certificate of enrolment, you can activate your IDNUM in the activation interface (at the earliest 24 hours after your administrative registration).

Activate your IDNUM (in French)

Lost your password?

Your IDNUM can be reset in the activation interface, in the 'lost password' menu. If you have lost your password and the information required to reset it, contact your registrar's office to have a new IDNUM passport issued.

Reset your IDNUM (in French)

Need help?

Consult the relevant FAQ.

Learn more (in French)

Email server

Zimbra is the collaborative email server used at the university. It lets you synchronise your email, calendar and contacts with your smartphone. At the earliest, 24 hours after your administrative registration, you will have a digital ID and an email address, such as:

Need help? Online support is available and included in your Zimbra email service (to the right of the 'preferences' section in the email menu).


The university provides WiFi coverage on all the campuses.

The Eduroam WiFi network provides secure wireless access to internet for everyone (students and staff) with an IDNUM digital ID. It is available on the university campuses that are members of the Eduroam network, which includes the University of Bordeaux and most European universities.


To connect:

  • your IDNUM is required.
  • log on to the website and configure your device using the instructions (don't forget: you must be on campus).


For all other devices (ChromeOS, Linux...), log in on

Video conferencing

The university uses the Zoom video conferencing system to facilitate remote working.

You have a Zoom account

You have an IDNUM but not a Zoom account

  • Log in using the link:,
  • Sign in using your university email address,
  • Activate your account when you receive the notification.

Security and privacy recommendations

Protect your account:

  • choose a different password for each app/website used,
  • don't use your IDNUM password to create your Zoom account,
  • don't share the meeting details on public media (social media, websites, etc.). 

When scheduling the meeting:

  • protect the meeting with a password,
  • activate the waiting room functionality (check the box): the participants arrive in a waiting room and you must admit them in order for them to join the meeting,
  • send the 'automatically generated' meeting ID rather than a personal meeting ID that does not change and is an easy target.

In a meeting:

  • use the 'Security' menu to manage your participants (screen sharing, chat, renaming, etc.),
  • lock the meeting if the number of attendees has been reached; that will prevent any additional connections,
  • turn off participants' microphones or suspend their video feed in the event of inappropriate behaviour,
  • remove any unwanted participants: they will no longer be able to connect to your meeting.

Instant messaging

RocketChat is a collaborative instant messaging platform between University of Bordeaux users. It lets you start a discussion, join a discussion channel, create a private discussion channel and invite users to join that channel and search previously posted messages.


This tool is accessible via your digital work environment, in the section 'My office' then 'UB Chat'.

Rules of use

RocketChat is a professional messaging service; its use is subject to the general terms of use (in French).

File transfers

FileSender is a tool for depositing and temporarily storing large files in a simple and secure way. It allows you to make them available for download, to university community users or external users.

The tool is accessible via your ENT (in French), in the section 'online services' then 'file exchange'.


Moodle is an online learning management platform that provides you with:

  • dedicated space for your courses,
  • educational resources (course materials, videos, etc.),
  • tools for interacting with a group and your teachers.

This tool is accessible via your ENT (in French), in the section 'courses' then 'academic platforms'.

Digital support

Having trouble with a digital service and need to request support? You can submit your request:

  • online via the ENT (in French) in the section 'online service' then 'Support request and follow-up',
  • by email for support requests related to Zoom or your IDNUM at and