Impulsion Research Networks

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The University of Bordeaux has awarded quality labels to eight Impulsion Research Network projects to help structure communities and support the emergence or revitalisation of research areas that are important for the university. Following is a presentation of these new scientific projects.

The process for awarding quality labels to Impulsion Research Networks was launched at the start of the 2021-22 academic year, aimed at supporting the on-site momentum, initiated or pursued within the context of setting up research departments and renewing the university's research priorities - a policy achieved mainly through the creation of Major Research Programmes (GPRs).

The process, backed by the University of Bordeaux in cooperation with its partners, will ensure support for the university's policy by helping to provide structure to the university communities that manage research projects with strong potential, such as high-impact projects on societal issues or transitions.

Quality labels awarded to Impulsion Research Network projects take on two forms:

  • policy support to strengthen their visibility, legitimise project sponsors within their community and alongside other stakeholders (university partners, local authorities, socio-economic players)
  • seed funding support to launch structuring initiatives within the networks by mobilising an overall budget of 8 million euros for the 2022-25 period.

Impulsion Research Networks are scientific policy tools used by research departments. Monitoring will be organised at the level of the department leading the project in coordination with the other departments involved.

The 8 Impulsion Research Networks


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