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How do you log into the Digital Work Environment (ENT), download your certificate of enrolment, your transcripts or your certificate of achievement? Get all the documents you need to keep track of your education, all the way from admission to graduation.

Photo : On every campus, there is a registrar's office dedicated to your programme as well as a reception desk. (Montaigne-Montesquieu Campus lobby) © Gautier Dufau
On every campus, there is a registrar's office dedicated to your programme as well as a reception desk. (Montaigne-Montesquieu Campus lobby) © Gautier Dufau

Administrative documents

To access documents:

  • Certificate of achievement
  • Transcript of marks
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Record of payments

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your ENT
  2. Select the tab: 'mon cursuse
  3. Check and download your documents

Log into the ENT (in French)

This procedure does not apply to IUT students.

Collecting your diploma

The procedure for collecting your diploma depends on your training course or degree programme.

Transferring your file

Are you a student at the University of Bordeaux and you want to switch to another institution? Or are you enrolled in another institution and you want to enrol at the University of Bordeaux? You can do it!

If you are registered in a higher education institution and you want to transfer to a different one, you must submit the request to the directors of your current and future institution. The transfer is subject to the agreement of both directors.

Once you have their agreement, your registration remains valid. Your current institution is responsible for forwarding your file and transferring the tuition fees paid to the new institution.

When you change institutions, your previous studies are taken into account under the conditions determined by the new institution, given the courses you have completed.

Transfer request form (in French)

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Using a chosen first name

If transgender or intersex students wish to use a chosen first name, the University of Bordeaux offers them the possibility of requesting that their chosen first name be taken into account in the university's internal documents, whether or not they have taken the necessary steps with the civil registrar.

Administrative contacts

Law, Political Science, Economics & Management

Health Sciences

  • PASS - Health minor:
  • Deust, vocational Bachelor, Master (in health: ex. public health Master, vocational Bachelor in baineology):
  • Midwifery:
  • Odontology:
  • Pharmacy:
  • Paramedical:
  • Psychomotor therapy:
  • Medical school (2nd to 6th year) :
  • Doctoral studies in general medicine:
  • Doctoral studies in specialised medicine:
  • DU / DIU:

Human & Social Sciences

  • Human Sciences registrar:

Science & Technology

  • Bachelor:
  • Master:

Institute of Vine & Wine Science (ISVV)

  • Institute of Vine & Wine Science:

University Institute of Technology (IUT)

Bordeaux IUT - department of training and campus life:

  • Agen campus:
  • Bordeaux-Bastide campus:
  • Gradignan campus:
  • Périgueux campus:

Institute of Education (INSPE) - Academy of Bordeaux

  • INSPE registrar:

Graduate Research School

  • Doctorate:
  • HDR: