EASI Lab: transforming administrative practices

The University of Bordeaux has launched EASI Lab, an innovative laboratory devoted to improving the quality of administrative services. This initiative is beneficial to the Nouvelle Aquitaine universities as well as to universities in other major French cities.

In a nutshell:

  • Call for projects: Fund for the transformation of public action (Fonds pour la transformation de l'action publique
  • Budget: 9 million euros
  • Project duration: 4 years
  • Partners: Aix-Marseille University, University of Strasbourg & Sorbonne University 

A lab for improving administrative services

What can be done to improve how a higher education institutions function internally and enable them to offer better service? The University of Bordeaux is answering these questions by coordinating an innovation lab called EASI Lab. Financed by the Fund for the transformation of public action, this transformation accelerator enables universities to pool their efforts and share their know-how in order to evolve.

The aim is to work together on mutual problems, often related to management and administration (human resources, legal or financial issues) and to come up with solutions that can be applied to all universities. 

A model for public transformation

EASI Lab is unique in its ability to unite potentially rival institutions around joint projects and to encourage them to share their know-how and practices. The universities involved have also allocated human and financial resources to co-fund the projects. 

This Nouvelle Aquitaine laboratory could eventually become an example of public transformation in the field of higher education and research. 

The approach is an ambitious one: demonstrate that higher education institutions can be exemplary in terms of organisation and rethink the way they operate. 

The University of Bordeaux and its partners can contribute to changing the administrative mindset as well as serve as intermediaries for future transformation projects in higher education throughout France. 

Support available through EASI Lab

At present, five pilot projects are being conducted within the EASI Lab framework. The challenge is to transform a wide range of processes and administrative tasks in the partner universities.

The projects include:

  • optimising and digitalising the university electoral process
  • digitalising the application/recruitment process
  • setting up support centres for the management of research units. 

The digital transformation is a very big challenge, especially in human resources. The goal is to simplify requests for part-time work, remote working, training, etc. EASI Lab is participating in improving practices in this administrative sector.

For each of the partner universities' projects or needs, the laboratory provides methodological and technical support (especially digitally), monitoring for the setup of new practices as well as upskilling for staff involved in EASI Lab projects.


  • Maud Castells

    EASI Lab Programme Director