Research organisation

Departments, platforms, institutes, laboratories or even federations: the structural organisation of research at the University of Bordeaux is extensive and diverse.

  • Research departments

    Research at the University of Bordeaux is organised according to eleven departments, grouping together different types of facilities (joint research units, host groups, platforms, etc.) within each scientific field.

  • Research units

    See here the list of laboratories (joint research units, research units, service units, etc.) of which the University of Bordeaux is a supervisor, co-supervisor or partner, as well as the research federations in which it participates and the partner units affiliated with the university's research departments.

  • Institutes and other establishments

    In addition to the research departments and laboratories, the University includes specialised institutes and other entities that play a role in its scientific vitality.

  • Platforms

    A research platform is a base location that groups together scientific equipment and/or expertise, designed to offer high-level research services to a large community of users. There are approximately one hundred platforms and technical centres within the university laboratories, 32 of which have been awarded the "University of Bordeaux Research Platform" label.