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In all its training components combined, the College of Science and Technology groups together nearly 9,500 students, studying in the fields of mathematics and its applications, computer science, physics, engineering science, chemistry, biology, earth and environmental sciences.

The College of Science and Technology plays a major role in developing and coordinating the policy of higher education and lifelong learning in the field of science and technology.

Its main missions are also to provide students with career guidance, to develop international training programmes and to promote the transmission of technical and scientific culture and information. It is actively involved in student life on all its campus sites.

The College places special emphasis on creating a link between its training programmes and the high-quality research conducted in the University of Bordeaux research laboratories and departments.

The College is located on the campus sites in Talence, Pessac, Gradignan, Mérignac, Bordeaux (Victoire and Carreire), Agen and Arcachon.


  • College of Science and Technology

    351 cours de la Libération
    33405 Talence CEDEX

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  • Christophe Champion


  • Krystelle Louvet

    Manager - Administration & Finance

  • Romain Bey

    Assistant Manager - Administration & Finance

  • Florence Laulan - Lozano

    Management Assistant


The College of Science and Technology is responsible for the overall management of the training courses offered in the field of science and technology, which mainly covers chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics and its applications, physics, earth science, environmental science and life science. The latter is coordinated jointly with the College of Health Sciences.

The missions of the College of Science and Technology include:

  • developing and coordinating the policy for higher education and continuing education through work/study programmes and apprenticeships in the fields of science and technology, as well as creating conditions conducive to the transmission of knowledge and skills
  • promoting the policy of higher and continuing education, through apprenticeships and work-study programmes in the field of science and technology at the university's central level
  • participating in the development of the institution's overall educational policy
  • participating in the coordination of career guidance for students and their integration into the workforce
  • developing international training programmes and international mobility
  • participating in the university's central management dialogue to ensure the financial, human, logistical and property resources required for carrying out its missions
  • distributing the human and financial resources allocated by the university's board of directors to the components, decentralised administrative departments and the commissions within the framework of the management dialogue
  • promoting the transmission of scientific and technical information and culture
  • being involved in the campus life on the different campus sites of the College of Science and Technology closely in line with the institute's policy and the departments concerned: local medical department, cultural department, support to student associations and projects, Sports office)
  • coordinating the management of the College's staff
  • coordinating the education/research link with the College's training components, departments and affiliated research units
  • obtaining the resources required for ensuring and perpetuating the quality of the affiliated training programmes based on their specificities (practical, experimental, in-the-field training)

Key Figures

  • 73


  • 9,500


  • 661

    teachers and lecturer-researchers

    and 116 BIATSS staff


Programmes and partners


  • Programme and curriculum management
  • Apprentice Training Centre
  • Continuing education - in French
  • Sports office


Bachelor degrees

  • Life Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and engineering
  • Physics - Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Mathematics & computer science applied to human and social sciences

Vocational Bachelor degrees

  • Agronomy
  • Energy and Climate Engineering
  • Industrial Production Management
  • Agri-food Industry
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Maintenance of Multi-technical Systems
  • Industrial Transformations

Other Bachelor degree programmes

  • Preparatory Cycle - Bordeaux (CPBX)
  • DAEU B (Diploma providing access to university studies)
  • Paramedical common core studies (TCP)

Master degrees

  • Biological Anthropology, Prehistory
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics, Automation, Automated Production, Signal and Image 
  • Systems Engineering for Aeronautics and Transport
  • Engineering in Aeronautics (5-year degree as from Year 1 of Bachelor)
  • History, philosophy and science outreach
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Modelling, Mathematical, Statistical & Economical Engineering 
  • Mechanics and Engineering
  • Computer methods applied to Management 
  • Physics
  • Cognitive Sciences & Ergonomics
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ecology

International Master degrees are also available in partnership with foreign universities: ALGANT, FAMEais, MER2030, MILMI, IEP Masters.

Other programmes

  • University Diploma - International Certificate in Human Ecology
  • Preparatory study for CAPES in physics and chemistry
  • Preparatory study for CAPES Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)
  • Preparatory study for Aggregation SV-STU
  • Preparatory study for CAPES Mathematics
  • Preparatory study for Aggregation Mathematics
  • University diploma (DU) Professional Integration


The College of Science and Technology has developed close collaborations with other University of Bordeaux training components:

  • Institute of Technology - Bordeaux mainly in the field of science and technology
  • College of Health Sciences through the joint affiliation with the Biology teaching unit
  • Institute of Education (INSPE) for training secondary and middle school professors in scientific subjects
  • College of Political Science, Economics and Management for the MIAGE Master degree in computer science methods applied to management or for the MIASHS Bachelor degree, for example.

The College of Science and Technology has also developed a special partnership with the engineering schools on the Bordeaux campus:

The College of Science and Technology has close ties with foreign universities within the framework of its international programmes.

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351 cours de la Libération
33405 Talence CEDEX


Degree programmes, science & technology, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering sciences, computer science, mathematics and applications, earth and environmental sciences