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The College of Human Sciences is made up of five faculties: anthropology, psychology, educational science, sociology and sports science (STAPS).

The College of Human Sciences includes five training components (anthropology, psychology, educational science, sociology and STAPS (physical and sporting activity sciences and techniques)), as well as affiliated professionalisation entities (Training Centre for school psychologists, Gironde childhood network, Training Centre for Applied Social Sciences, University Centre for international professionalised training in sports and business management - Bayonne). It also has cross-disciplinary facilities: the department of languages and cultures, continuing education department, centre for IT and teaching resources, and the Sports office.

The College of Human Sciences offers some sixty initial or professional training programmes, mainly in the field of human and social sciences, with a range of subjects that goes beyond that single field (biology, physiology, languages, etc.). The programmes are aimed at students, recent secondary school graduates, returning students and those in continuing education seeking knowledge and skills in these fields, applied to education, health, work/company life, urban/social/migratory issues, sports activities/practices, social work, etc. The courses are backed by research carried out in laboratories where the College's lecturer-researchers work (Emile-Durkheim Centre, Laboratory of health, psychology and quality of life, LACES (Laboratory of cultures – education – societies), ADESS (Laboratory for planning, development, environment, health and societies, LAM (Africa Worldwide), and the University Hospital Institute LIRYC (Electrophysiology and Heart Modelling Institute)).

The College of Human Sciences is located on three sites, combining the advantages of urban centrality (Victoire campus), proximity to sports facilities south of the city (Pessac campus) and a cross-border location (Bayonne campus).


  • College of Human Sciences

    3 ter, Place de la Victoire
    33076 Bordeaux CEDEX

    +33 (0)5 57 57 19 15


  • Virginie Postal Le Dorse


  • Pascal Legrain

    Assistant Director

  • Pierre Mazet

    Assistant Director

  • Hélène Pinaud

    Manager - Administration & Finance

  • Jennyfer Cardona

    Management Assistant


The missions of the College of Human Sciences include:

  • developing and coordinating the higher education and lifelong learning policy implemented by the internal training components affiliated with the College of Human Sciences
  • building and applying this policy in line with the institution's overall educational policy
  • participating in coordinating career guidance for students and their integration into the workforce
  • ensuring the development of international training programmes and promoting student mobility
  • participating in the dialogue with university management to ensure the financial, human, logistical and property resources required for carrying out its missions


  • promoting campus life on the different college sites, closely in line with the institutions's policy
  • organising the link and interactions with the Social and human sciences research department, and any other partner department, in particular within the context of preparing the job management plan and during accreditation procedures, in order to guarantee the relationship between academic training and research.

Key figures

  • 4,400


  • 147


    and 63 BIATSS staff

  • 65



Programmes and partnerships

Academic programmes

The College offers:

  • 9 Bachelor degrees
  • 10 Master degrees
  • 10 University Diplomas (DU)

As well as customised or international programmes.



  • IEP - Institute of Political Studies
  • ENSAPBx (National School of Architecture and Landscaping - Bordeaux)
  • University of Pau and the Adour Region (UPPA)
  • Municipal Sports Departments (Bordeaux, Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz)
  • Conurbation Authority - Côte Basque Adour
  • Bayonne Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Pau Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Apprentice Training Centre (CFA - leisure sports trade)
  • Department of Gironde, Landes & Pyrenees Atlantiques
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region
  • Pays et Quartiers d’Aquitaine
  • Entrepreneurship - Aquitaine Campus (ECA)
  • ESTIA (Institute of of Advanced Industrial Technology) - Bidart
  • IRTS (Regional Training Institute for Social Workers)


  • UCPA (union of outdoor sports centres)
  • UNSS (French Federation for school sports)
  • FFSU (French Federation for university sports)


  • NICE 2 (University Network for Innovation, Guidance and Counselling in Europe – grouping together 40 institutions in Europe)
  • Deputation of Gipuzkoa, Basque Country (Sports departments)
  • University of the Basque Country (Euskadi autonomous community) - Spain
  • EuroSIMA Cluster Glisse (association of industrialists)
  • University of Baja California (Enseñada) Mexico
  • French - Belorussian Centre for Political Science and European Studies
  • University of Ottawa
  • Partner universities within the CREPUCQ framework
  • Partner universities within the ERASMUS framework
  • University of California Exchange Programme (USA)
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in partnership with the European consortium "Anthropology of the Social Dynamics and Development" (Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland)

Department of Languages and Cultures (DLC)

The Department of Languages & Cultures (DLC) provides all the foreign language training included in the various courses of study in the Colleges of Human Science, Health Sciences and the Institute of Vine and Wine Science (ISVV).

The DLC is also an examination centre for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).

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3 ter, Place de la Victoire
33076 Bordeaux CEDEX


Anthropology, psychology, educational science, sociology, sciences and techniques of physical activities and sports, languages, cultures