Pey-Berland site

The Pey-Berland site near the Saint André cathedral in the heart of Bordeaux is a building complex dating back to the late 19th century, that houses the Legal and Judicial Centre (PJJ).

Photo : Pey-Berland legal and judicial centre © Arthur Pequin
Pey-Berland legal and judicial centre © Arthur Pequin

Located a stone's throw from the Bordeaux City Hall, this site is the University of Bordeaux's social headquarters.
It is also the historical site of the Faculty of Law. After its move to the Pessac campus in 1966, some specialised courses stayed there, with the Bordeaux IAE remaining until 2006.

A complete, high-quality renovation, completed in 2011, has since given new life to the complex. 

The Legal and Judicial Centre, strategically located about a hundred metres from the National School of Magistrature, is home to different Faculty of Law and Political Science (in French) programmes, including the Institute of Legal and Judicial Studies. 

Key figures

  • 7

    university degrees

  • 2

    vocational undergraduate degrees

  • 10

    Master 2 programmes

  • 4

    Master 2 programmes taught jointly on site and in Pessac

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Localisation associée :

University of Bordeaux Legal & Judicial Centre
35, place Pey-Berland bordeaux

The site essentials

  • The Law Clinic

    Inspired by the Law Clinics at American universities, it offers free legal aid and information to all. (in French)

  • The multidisciplinary library

    Located 100 metres away from the PJJ, the multidisciplinary library has a collection of works and reading material covering all the disciplines taught at the university. (in French)

  • The Museum of Ethnography

    On the neighbouring Victoire campus, the Bordeaux Museum of Ethnography displays non-European objects from the 19th century as well as temporary themed exhibitions. Definitely worth a visit! (in French)