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A research platform is a central location that groups together scientific equipment and/or expertise designed to offer high-level research services to a large community of users. There are approximately one hundred platforms and technical centres within the University of Bordeaux laboratories, 32 of which have been certified with the "University of Bordeaux Research Platform" label.

Photo : Siemens 3T MRI at the Biomedical Imaging Platform (pIBIO - CNRS & University of Bordeaux) © Gautier Dufau
Siemens 3T MRI at the Biomedical Imaging Platform (pIBIO - CNRS & University of Bordeaux) © Gautier Dufau

Technological intelligence, new technology monitoring, innovation, habitats, smart cities, creative economics

Department of Social sciences of contemporary changes (CHANGES)

Societal Innovation Centres (CIS)

  • VIA INNO : intelligence technologique, veille, innovation
  • Forum urbain : habitat, ville connecté, aménagement durable
  • UBIC : culture, économies créatives et territoires

Collaborative Digital Platforms

  • U-Lab Innov + : développer une intelligence collective de l'innovation

Entrepreneurship, business models

Department of Behaviour, organisations and policy evaluation (ECOr)

Societal Innovation Centre (CIS)

  • GRP Lab : aider l'entrepreneur à raconter l'histoire de son Business pour convaincre

Cell cultures, imaging, biochemistry, motricity, psychopathology, neuro-psychopharmacology, transcriptomes

Bordeaux Neurocampus department


Plateformes adossées à l'unité INCIA :

Plateformes adossées au Neurocentre Magendie :


  • EquipEx Phenovirt : phénotypage des comportements et pathologie chez l'humain (somnolence, attention, cognition...)
  • EquipEx OptoPath : psychopathologie expérimentale chez le rongeur et chez l'Homme

Technology Transfer Cells

Biomarkers, cytometry, PCR, vectorology, tumour development biology, xenopus and zebrafish experiments, dermatology, metabolism

Department of Biological and medical sciences


Les plateformes composant l'unité mixte de service TBM Core :

  • Plateforme Oncoprot
  • Plateforme de cytométrie en flux (UB'Facsility)
  • Plateforme de PCR quantitative en temps réel (PCRq'UB)
  • Plateforme de vectorologie (Vect'UB)
  • Plateforme d'histopathologie
  • Laboratoire L3 (UB'L3)
  • Plateforme CRISP'edit
  • Service d'analyse métaboliques (SAM)
  • Plateforme Voxcell
  • Plateforme Vivoptic

Les plateforme du laboratoire BMGIC :

Technology Transfer Cells

Drug evaluation, student health, clinical trials support, pharmaco-epidemiology studies, health data

Department of Public health


Metabolomics, technologies in quantitative proteomics, DNA sequencing and genotyping, NMR bioinformatics, imaging

Department of Health sciences and technologies

Terrestrial & spatial data, physico-chemical characteristics, of wood, nanovinification, analysis of polluants, water and sediment quality, study of terrestrial & marine aquatic ecosystems

Department of Environmental sciences


Plateformes de l'unité de recherche EPOC :

Technology Transfer Cells

High performance computing, advanced wood engineering, infrared thermography, measurement of thermal properties of materials, machining techniques, storage systems

Department of Engineering and digital sciences


Les plateformes de l'Institut de Mécanique et d'Ingénierie (I2M)


Technology Transfer Cells

  • LABRI-TRANSFERT : data mining, big data, cloud, imagerie, animation...
  • A2M : Atelier microonde sur la matière

Materials characterisation, porous materials, soft matter, optics, characterisation by nuclear analysis, noble gas analysis, electronics

Department of Material and light sciences


  • Placamat : plateforme de caractérisation des matériaux
  • Cosmat : optique et spectroscopie de matériaux
  • Plateforme de caractérisation de la matière molle

Les 3 plateformes du CENBG :

  • AIFIRA : applications interdisciplinaires de faisceaux d'ions
  • PRISNA : spectrométrie nucléaire
  • PIAGARA : analyse des gaz rares

Les 5 plateformes de l'ISM :


  • ELORPrintTec : électronique imprimable et flexible
  • Xylochem : plateforme de l'EquipEx Xyloforest

Technology Transfer Cells

  • ARCANE : caractérisation par analyse nucléaire
  • PRISNA-PRESTATIONS - radioactivité environnementale
  • CESAMO-TECH - lié à la plateforme CESAMO
  • SAFIRR - lié à la plateforme SIV
  • TRANSFORM - lié à la plateforme du CRPP

3D acquisition & restitution, paleogenetics, multidimensional imaging for archaeology, Quaternary archaeology and geology

Department of Archaeological sciences


Technology Transfer Cells

Certified platforms

For the university, the development of the "University of Bordeaux platform" certification is a way of attesting to the quality of a platform and guaranteeing its expertise.

The certification process is based on criteria that make it possible to assess its openness, quality of operation and efficient management. The certification is awarded by a committee composed of the University of Bordeaux and its partners: Bordeaux: CNRS, Inserm & INRAE.

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