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The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship programme is a tool developed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs enabling French institutions of higher education to attract the best international students for Master and Doctorate degree programmes.

The Eiffel Scholarship programme is designed to train future foreign decision-makers from the private and public sectors in priority fields of study, and to encourage applications from students from emerging countries aged 25 and under for the Master level and from emerging and industrialised countries aged 30 and under for the Doctorate level.

The main fields of study concerned are:

  • Human and social sciences: history, French language and civilisation, law, political science, economics and management
  • Science and technology: biology and health, ecological transition, mathematics and digital studies, engineering sciences

How to apply

All applicants must go through the University of Bordeaux, which centralises all applications and submits them to Campus France. Applications sent directly to Campus France will be immediately rejected.

Please note: the deadline for applications to the University of Bordeaux is different from the deadline indicated on the Campus France website. 

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Application steps

Master scholarships

Step 1: Read the Campus France presentation of the Eiffel programme and make sure you do not correspond to any ineligibility criteria: nationality, age, field of study concerned, etc.

Application deadline: 17th November 2023.

Step 2: grant-application.master%40u-bordeaux.fr, specifying your nationality, age and the precise training programme sought at the University of Bordeaux, based solely on the Master degrees available:

Step 3: Gather all the documents requested and send the application grant-application.master%40u-bordeaux.fr.

Any incomplete application or any application sent after the deadline will not be processed.

PhD scholarships

Step 1: Read the program guidelines provided by Campus France and make sure you do not correspond to any ineligibility criteria (nationality, age, field of study, etc.).

Step 2: Read the university's internal application procedure carefully.

Step 3: Get in touch with a teacher-researcher willing to supervisor your work.

Step 4: If all the requirements are met, the potential thesis supervisor will be able to internationalisation.doctorat%40u-bordeaux.fr.

Step 5: Together with your potential thesis supervisor, gather all the documents requested (please do not merge all your documents into a single PDF). Your thesis supervisor must send the application by e-mail to the University of Bordeaux before the deadline indicated.

The application period for 2024 is now closed. The next campaign will take place in autumn 2024.

For more information, visit the Graduate Research School website


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  • Doctorate

    Graduate Research School

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