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The University of Bordeaux offers several certifications that allow you to validate your skill levels - whether in French, other foreign languages or digital skills - and highlight them on your CV.

Photo : Certification of language or digital skills: a real plus in your academic curriculum © Olivier Got - University of Bordeaux
Certification of language or digital skills: a real plus in your academic curriculum © Olivier Got - University of Bordeaux

Certificate of digital skills

Digital skills are fundamental for personal, professional and civic life as well as for studying at university. The PIX certification lets you highlight them, in particular on your CV. You'll get certified via an exam after having taken a placement test on the Pix.org platform.

The placement test evaluates your digital skills and helps you make progress. It also gives you the chance to assess your training needs in relation to your career objectives.

Recognised by the French national education system, higher education and the professional world, the PIX certification complies with Digicomp, the European reference framework for digital skills. 

PIX certification

Visit the page dedicated to the PIX certification.

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Mandatory certification in English

To validate an undergraduate degree, you must now take an English language certification. You will be informed by your programme coordinator during the year. 
The certification does not require a minimum level. It simply attests to your level in English. 

  • The test is taken in person at the university, on a computer. It lasts 1h to 1h30. It tests your oral and written comprehension. 
  • Oral comprehension: multiple choice questions 
  • Written comprehension: fill-in-the-blank texts, multiple choice questions, etc. 

The test does not require any specific preparation but the Cambridge Assessment English website provides resources, advice and examples of useful tests for practising.

Learn a foreign language

The University of Bordeaux offers a wide, varied range of modern languages. Whatever you are studying, you will have to take a foreign language course. However, you are free to learn and practise other languages, either as an elective course, or for your own self-improvement.

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Voltaire: the French language certificate

Recognised by businesses, the Voltaire certificate is a real door-opener on a CV: between two similar profiles, it allows you to stand out by specifying your French language skills in spelling, grammar, conjugation, vocabulary and syntax.

The Voltaire tests certify how well you master French spelling and grammar rules as well as your capacity to write mistake-free professional documents and produce a precise, structured and nuanced speech, both written and oral. 

To prepare the Voltaire certificate and find out the exam dates, contact your campus language centre. 

Certification tests

Visit the website to find out more about certification tests.

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Voltaire certification contact

  • Campus Montesquieu

    Avenue Léon Duguit - Pessac