Preferred first names

If transgender or intersex students wish to use a preferred first name, the University of Bordeaux offers them the possibility of making a request for their preferred first names to be taken into account in the university's internal documents, whether or not they have taken the necessary steps with the civil registrar.

In order to improve transgender or intersex students' experience and facilitate their access to university services, the University of Bordeaux agrees to acknowledge their right to request that their preferred first name be taken into account in the university's internal documents.


The request can be made at any time during the academic year, but preferably before finalising administrative registration. In order for the request to be processed, the form must be filled in, signed and sent to the gender, equality and diversity coordinator.

In the event of agreement by the coordinator in charge, the first name will be replaced in the digital work environment and a certificate will be sent to the person concerned.

As soon as s/he has checked that the change of first name is effective in the University of Bordeaux directory, providing this certificate to the registrar's office of his or her programme will enable a student card to be issued free of charge (in particular if the procedure is carried out after registration) with the preferred first name.

Request form (in French)

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Preferred first names: terms of use and limitations

The request forms allows, if agreed, to use within the university, a first name other than the one listed in the civil registry. The change of first name will be used for university emails and attendance/roll call in tutorials as well as on the student ID card which can be reissued free of charge if the procedure occurs after registration.

This request cannot, in any case whatsoever, lead to the change of first name on official or formal documents with any official status outside of the University of Bordeaux, such as:

  • official diplomas
  • certificates of enrolment
  • transcripts of marks
  • certificates of achievement
  • individual decisions granting rights
  • student employment or doctoral contracts

Strictly speaking, the use of the preferred first name is not the equivalent of a change of first name in the civil registry, which remains the prerogative of the Civil Registrar (Article 60 of the Civil Code).

Legal framework

  • Article 9 of the French Civil Code regarding the right to privacy
  • Articles 60 to 61-4 of the French Civil Code, regarding changes in first and family names
  • Articles 61-5 to 61-8 of the French Civil Code regarding the change of gender listed in the civil registry
  • Law n°2016-1547 of November 18, 2016 regarding the modernisation of justice in the 21st century

  • Circular of February 17, 2017 from the French Ministry of Justice, regarding the procedure of changing first names without legal ruling
  • French Code of Education, in particular Article D612-5
  • French Circular n° 2015-0012 of March 24, 2015
  • French Action Plan to promote equal rights and combat anti-LGBT+, hatred and discrimination presented in December 2016