Completing your Bachelor

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The University of Bordeaux is there to support you throughout your Bachelor programme to help you succeed.

Photo : Group of students in the Management Sciences library - Bastide Campus © CPU
Group of students in the Management Sciences library - Bastide Campus © CPU

Are you pursuing a Bachelor degree?

As soon as you register or re-register, you'll be provided with a personalised contract for educational success. This contract will allow you to be accompanied throughout your studies by a director of studies in close collaboration with the university student support services. It is an individual educational contract adapted to your situation and objectives.

Personalised support

  • Are you an athlete or artist who needs time to to reconcile your studies with your passion?

Depending on the situation, you can benefit from a class schedule with flexible hours, staggered courses or even distance learning modules.

  • Not sure you chose the right programme?

Professionals are available to help you to see things more clearly, work on your skills and define your goals.

  • Are you in a hurry and not afraid of a heavy workload?

With your director of studies, you can work out a schedule that allows you to get your degree more quickly.

  • Do you need more time to learn better studying skills?

Your schedule can be adjusted and you can benefit from personalised support: tutoring, staggered courses, etc.

How to proceed

Step 1

When you register, log into the app and fill in the online questionnaire. Based on your answers and your situation, you'll obtain information about the different support and services available to help you. You can also meet with a director of studies.

Step 2 

Read and sign your contract online.

Step 3 

During the year, you take courses adapted to your profile.
At any time, you can use the app to report a change in your situation.
If needed, you can request to meet your director of studies by using the form available in the ENT.

AGIR platform

Once you're registered, you can log in on the AGIR digital platform in your ENT.

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 Certaines associations de filières (en santé et droit, ou en sciences) proposent des sessions de tutorat - IUT de Gradignan © Gautier Dufau
Student organisations in certain fields (health and law or science) provide tutoring sessions - Gradignan IUT © Gautier Dufau

At the University of Bordeaux, tutoring services are available in most fields of study. In general, tutors are volunteer students who provide support during your first years of study: practical advice, study methods, document search methods, etc. 

To find out about the tutoring services available in your programme, contact the registrar or student organisations.

Consult the directory of student organisations

How to switch programmes

Get support

You can get advice and counselling from your director of studies and educational coordinators and benefit from support from the Career Orientation Centre (EOC) via:

  • individual interviews for a personal assessment,
  • the workshop 'doubts about my programme choice(in French)
  • opportunities specific to first-year students (L1, PASS, LAS1, BUT1, DEUST1): inter-semester transfers (in French) that allow you to switch to another University of Bordeaux programme right from the second semester or the programme transfer module (in French) that allows you to switch to another programme for the upcoming academic year.

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Apoflux réorientation

If you are doing an inter-semester transfer, you must submit a file on the dedicated app.

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