Scientific vision

The University of Bordeaux's scientific vision is founded on the momentum of international research communities, organised in 11 theme-based departments, as well as on the support of seven major research programmes.
It is driven by a policy of excellence, fuelled by intense partnerships with research organisations and socio-economic stakeholders, geared towards social and environmental transitions, and firmly grounded in an open dialogue with society.

  • Major Research Programmes (GPRs)

    Seven "Major Research Programmes" (GPRs) have been accredited by the University of Bordeaux. The programmes are cross-disciplinary and centred around a specific scientific or social issue with strong international relevance.

  • Impulsion Research Networks

    The University of Bordeaux has awarded quality labels to eight Impulsion Research Network projects to help structure communities and support the emergence or revitalisation of research areas that are important for the university. See here for a presentation of the new scientific projects.

  • International research

    Research conducted at the University of Bordeaux is highly international, not only in terms of visibility and reputation, but also in terms of what it produces and how it is organised.

  • Graduate Programmes

    University of Bordeaux Graduate Programmes combine training and research focused on themed specialities. While working towards a Master or a Doctorate degree, acquire international scientific expertise.

  • Scientific integrity

    The University of Bordeaux is moving into action to guarantee the scientific integrity of research, in line with initiatives taken at the national level.

  • Open Science

    In the age of digital technology, France has set itself the mission of making scientific research findings more accessible to everyone. Why? To create a motivating environment around science and make research more appealing. Without a doubt, the University of Bordeaux is fully committed to this mission.