Directorate General of Services

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The Directorate General of Services is responsible for managing, organising and operating the university's administrative services.

The Directorate General of Services manages the university by coordinating all administrative services. Its role is also to implement the policies defined by the President of the University of Bordeaux and its various governing bodies.

The administrative services are divided into divisions and departments. They are organised in such a way as to serve the core missions: education, research and campus life.


Contribute to defining the strategy as well as developing the university plan and its operational implementation

  • participate in the diagnosis of the university's challenges, strengths and weaknesses
  • contribute, in support of the policy team, to the elaboration of the university's overall development plan, and more particularly to the definition of its governance component
  • implement the university plan by identifying the conditions for the feasibility of the policy objectives and by formalising the administration's organisational plan as a tool for implementing the university plan
  • define, in coordination with the policy team, the strategy for the management and optimisation of resources
  • promote and steer the development of strategic master plans, particularly in the fields of human resources, real estate/property policy, information systems, public procurement, etc.
  • alert and make the policy team aware of the constraints and risks associated with certain decisions, and more specifically supervise the risk management and internal audit policy.

Lead the university's performance, management strategy and resource optimisation

  • participate, in conjunction with the policy team, in the budget construction and job management plan processes, and monitor their implementation
  • identify financial capacities and alert thresholds
  • optimise resources to improve the university's performance
  • promote forward-looking management of staff, jobs and skills
  • implement a management dialogue approach with all the university's entities
  • secure legal actions taken by the university and guarantee the proper application of procedures

Manage and organise the university administration

  • design the organisation and management of the university administration by breaking the administration plan down into departmental plans, whether for support or support functions
  • supervise and, where necessary, lead the transformation and modernisation processes in a spirit of continuous improvement and participatory approach
  • promote a calm social dialogue that respects the parties involved
  • participate in the circulation of information and coordinate the internal communication system
  • cooperate, at the local, national or international level, with the relevant partners and stakeholders.

Vincent Moreau, Director General of Services

Under the authority of the President of the University of Bordeaux, the Director General of Services, Vincent Moreau, is responsible for the management of the university. As the President's main associate and direct advisor, he upholds and embodies the university's values alongside the political team.
As a full member of the management team, he participates, in an advisory capacity, in the board of directors and other central councils of the university in application of Article L 953-2 of the French Education Code.

The DGS has hierarchical and operational authority over the departments and all the BIATSS staff assigned to the University, within the administrative divisions and departments and in all the training and research components.

Vincent Moreau, Director General of Services ©Arthur Pequin
Vincent Moreau, Director General of Services ©Arthur Pequin
  • Vincent Moreau

    Director General of Services


  • Céline Berlureau

    Assistant to the Director General

    +33 (0)5 40 00 33 94

  • Isabelle Griveau

    Management Assistant / Assistant to the Deputy Directors General of Services

    +33 (0)5 40 00 24 24



  • General administration and human resources
  • Education, professional integration and university life
  • Research, international, partnerships and innovation
  • Property and environment


  • Leadership and strategy support
  • Finances and purchasing
  • Information systems department

University of Bordeaux Administrative Organisation Chart (in French)

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Accounting office

The Accounting office operates under the authority of the President and has specific responsibilities with respect to the principle of separation of duties between the payment mandate issuer and the public accountant.

Internal audit

Internal auditing is an independent, objective activity which gives the university assurance regarding the effective control of its operations and provides insight and recommendations about how to improve them.