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The University of Bordeaux is involved in over twenty joint research entities, genuine tools for scientific and industrial cooperation between academics and companies.

Photo : There are over twenty joint research entities exist at the University © University of Bordeaux
There are over twenty joint research entities exist at the University © University of Bordeaux

An SRCom (a University of Bordeaux-Company Joint Research entity) is aimed at fostering a structural research partnership, likely to act as a leverage both in terms of scientific production and innovation.

Its contractural framework is intended to make it a long-term partnership, via a co-built scientific programme that will do its best to meet the technological challenges expressed by industry. Material and immaterial, human resources are pooled within the joint research entity, which is built on governance shared between the company and academics.

The joint research entities take on a wide variety of formats. They can be:

  • Joint Research Units (UMR) for which the company is the supervisor
  • Joint Laboratories (LabCom)
  • OpenLabs
  • Scientific Interest Groups (GIS)
  • Joint research teams...

The French National Agency for Research (ANR) supports the development of joint research entities with companies through specific calls for projects such as the ANR LabCom programme and the ANR Industrial Chair programme.

University of Bordeaux SRCom - Joint Research Entities

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The joint research entities, known as SRCom, in which the university is involved, have several objectives: to work in an ethical, trusting framework with industry, to overcome critical technological barriers for development, and to create value, whether academic, via the output of results publishable in journals, or technological, via the filing of patents and, if possible, industrial transfer, not to mention, via training Master or doctoral students, who pursue their research in an environment that is especially conducive to their future employability.

Éric Papon, Project Manager for Industrial & Socio-Economic Sectors

SRCom Office

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    SRCom Office Manager


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