Support and success in your studies

Because our priority is making your studies a success, the University of Bordeaux provides a wide range of resources, including advice, tools, support and opportunities to enhance your experience.

Photo : Doctoral graduation ceremony 2019 - ©GD_photos
Doctoral graduation ceremony 2019 - ©GD_photos
  • Students with special needs

    Whether you're a student, high-level athlete, artist, elected student representative, disabled or suffering from a long-term illness, a volunteer or an employee... The university provides support to help you make the most of your opportunities and achieve your educational objectives.

  • Completing your Bachelor

    The University of Bordeaux is there to support you throughout your Bachelor programme to help you succeed.

  • Career guidance and joining the workforce

    The University of Bordeaux helps you to choose a career path, change paths, decipher the labour market, draw up professional plans and objectives, acquire experience and even get you ready to join the professional world.

  • Digital services

    On campus, at home or even elsewhere in France or abroad, the University of Bordeaux provides a modern and high-performance virtual learning environment.

  • Libraries

    Resource materials, librarians and services are available to accompany you while you study and do research! The University of Bordeaux library network covers all the subject fields and supplies resources to all its campuses.