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Carrying out an internship is often an essential phase in a student's education and, sometimes, it is even the starting point for a career. All University of Bordeaux students, regardless of their course of study, can do one or several internships during their years at university.

Photo : The Career Guidance Centre helps students to find internships © Anaelb
The Career Guidance Centre helps students to find internships © Anaelb

What is the purpose of an internship? 

  • Putting into practice the knowledge acquired in your courses
  • Acquiring new skills 
  • Fine-tuning your academic goals and career objectives 
  • Being exposed to new professional situations

Good to know

  • Your academic coordinator is the one who validates the suitability of your internship with your degree programme.
  • The internship agreement is handled by the admissions department of your degree programme. 

My internship allowed me to see where I stand in terms of skills that I can contribute to a company and to realise that what I'm learning now can be directly useful in my future professional life. 

2nd year Science & Technology Bachelor student

How can you find an internship? 

The Career Guidance Centre (EOC) helps you in your search for an internship, whether in terms of information, resources or support. The Centre has:

  • a directory of internships
  • a list of websites and resources in the Pro Fil Doc' data base (in French)
  • workshops and webinars: help finding an internship, creating a CV and writing cover letters.
  • advisers available for individual guidance.

Workshops & Webinars

Check the schedule for workshops and webinars organised by the Career Guidance Centre (EOC).

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Internship agreements

An internship agreement is mandatory and must be signed by the student, the internship supervisor, the professional signatory, the academic adviser and the President of the university before the start of the internship.
It specifies the commitments and responsibilities of the five parties and protects you in the event of an accident.

Important: you must create your agreement at least 15 days before the start of the internship if it takes place in France and at least 1 month for an internship abroad (excluding dates when the university is closed).

Make sure you have the following information: 

  • The status of your social security coverage (student, beneficiary, etc.) and the affiliated health insurance branch office.
  • The contact details of your host organisation/company.
  • For all French host organisations (including in the DOM-TOM):
    • SIRET number (14-digit company ID number)
    • NAF code (code corresponding to the sector of activity: 4 digits + 1 letter)
  • Name, contact details, position and position of the internship supervisor and professional signatory, as well as their department
  • The theme and main tasks during the internship
  • Internship dates
  • The amount of compensation, if applicable.

Practical information

The internship agreement can be downloaded from your digital work environment (ENT) in the internship section ('stages' in French).

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The "Josy Reiffers" University Library of Life Science and Health © Gautier Dufau

Internships abroad

An internship abroad is, above all, a unique opportunity to add an international experience to your programme and to develop your language skills, while discovering the sector of activity that interests you from a different angle. 

Nevertheless, the procedure to follow calls for you to be proactive and organised. Remember to plan ahead! 

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Internship compensation 

  • Compensation is mandatory for internships in all host organisations lasting over 308 hours in France, depending on the actual presence of the student trainee, whether the internship is done continuously or intervals, full time or part time. 
  • The amount of compensation is 3.90€ net/hours of internship. For a month corresponding to 22 days and 7 hours (i.e. 154 hours) of actual presence, the minimum monthly compensation is 600.60€ net. Compensations paid to student trainees are not subject to income tax (up to the amount of the minimum annual wage in France - SMIC).
  • Host organisations can opt to pay compensation when the on-the-job training or internship lasts less than the defined 2-month period.
  • The duration of the internship is assessed on the basis of the internship agreement and any amendments made to it. Compensation is due to the trainee from the first day of the first month of the internship. It is determined by taking into account the weekly duration of the trainee's presence. It is paid monthly.

FAQ | Internships: your rights

Are you about to do an internship within the framework of your studies? Find out about your rights.

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