Equality, diversity and respect

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Nurtured by humanist values and upholding a policy that emphasises well-being and quality of life, the University of Bordeaux strives for equality and respect for diversity within its community.

Photo : UBeelab 2022 © Arthur Pequin
UBeelab 2022 © Arthur Pequin

Harassment, discrimination and violence

The "cellule d'écoute, de veille et de signalement" (CEVS / Listening, monitoring and reporting unit) provides guidance and support for victims and witnesses. It responds confidentially to situations referred to it, and acts to prevent and dissuade abusive behavior.

Any member of the university community who is a victim of harassment, discrimination or violence can now receive assistance by email.

Listening, monitoring and reporting unit

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Gender equality

Gender equality is a major social issue and a key challenge for French universities. At the University of Bordeaux, the appointment of an officer in charge of gender, equality and diversity has encouraged the development of a series of initiatives to raise awareness.

The university has also adopted a master plan for equality between men and women so that gender no longer influences career perspectives or quality of life in professional or academic settings.

Lastly, the University of Bordeaux is at the heart of a European project Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together (RESET), whose objective is to remove the systematic and cultural barriers that limit women's careers in research and academia.

The new Gender Equality Plan is the result of a collaborative effort between staff from the university community - formed into a Gender Equality Board (in French) - and European partners.

It meets the obligations defined by the Law on the Transformation of Public Service, and is in line with the expectations of the European Commission (Horizon Europe) and the ANR in terms of taking into account aspects of gender and sex in research and teaching.

Equality and diversity

University of Bordeaux rejects all forms of discrimination. It takes up the challenge of providing an inclusive environment for everyone, and accepts the diversity of the community's profiles as a source of richness for higher education and research.

An egalitarian and inclusive climate is necessary to foster intercultural exchange and reduce prejudice and stereotypes. Such an environment fosters increased autonomy, commitment and motivation, both for staff members and the student community.

University of Bordeaux's approach is in line with European anti-discrimination directives and the new national plan to combat racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination based on origin (2023-2026). In line with its inter-ministerial plan, the university is committed to developing tools to measure the reality of discrimination and hatred, to improve education and training, to punish perpetrators and to support victims in the university environment.