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Since 2020, the University of Bordeaux has been a partner of The Conversation, an independent online source of news and current affairs. Below is a list of the different articles written by authors from the Bordeaux campus.

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The Conversation France is an online independent source of news analysis, that offers articles for the general public written by professors, lecturer-researchers, researchers and doctoral students, in close collaboration with a team of experienced journalists.

Their goal is to allow better comprehension of complex issues and to improve the quality of public debate.

The aim is to shed light on current events with reliable, research-based expertise. The articles are published under a Creative Commons licence so they can be shared or published online in many other media outlets to reach a wider audience.

The University of Bordeaux and The Conversation France signed a partnership in early 2020, with the aim of supporting the promotion of work by University of Bordeaux lecturer-researchers and researchers.

Over a hundred authors from the University of Bordeaux have already published on The Conversation.

Articles by Bordeaux authors published on The Conversation in 2022

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If you'd like to find out more about The Conversation, obtain advice, participate in writing workshops, or receive the weekly call for articles, please contact the University of Bordeaux Communications Department.


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