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Photo : Peixotto Campus Bldg A21 University of Bordeaux © CPU
Peixotto Campus Bldg A21 University of Bordeaux © CPU

About the University of Bordeaux 

The University of Bordeaux is a multidisciplinary and international research university with a history spanning nearly six centuries. With nearly 54,000 students and 6,000 staff, including nearly 3,200 lecturer-researchers and researchers, it is a major player in the region and one of the largest universities in France, recognised for the excellence of its research, the quality of its degrees and its capacity for innovation.

The University of Bordeaux generates knowledge in science and technology, in biology and health, and in human and social sciences. By combining research and training in these different fields, it prepares the citizens of tomorrow by supporting them in reaching their personal and professional goals.  

Awarded the "Initiative of Excellence" label, it contributes to major scientific advances with its academic and socio-economic partners in France and abroad. It ensures those science-related topics are communicated widely in the public arena and facilitates their technological and industrial transfer, in keeping with its humanist values and its commitment to environmental and societal transitions.

  • 54,000


  • 7,600

    international students

  • 18

    campus sites in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

  • 3,200

    lecturer-researchers and researchers

  • 187

    hectares of campus

  • 38

    university libraries


The International Buzz is sent to our international partners throughout the world three times a year, informing them of our latest news and projects within the domains of education, research and knowledge transfer.



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