European research projects

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With a strong worldwide focus, the University of Bordeaux actively participates in European funding programmes for research. In addition to fostering cooperation between researchers from different countries and fields, those resources contribute to producing high-level research and promoting the university's scientific expertise.

Photo : Setting up an international project thanks to European programmes © Gautier Dufau
Setting up an international project thanks to European programmes © Gautier Dufau

Involved in over a hundred collaborative European projects, the University of Bordeaux makes international, interdisciplinary cooperation a major priority for the development of education and research.

The University of Bordeaux's scientific teams have become increasingly involved in the European Union's Research and Innovation framework programmes: FP7, H2020 and now "Horizon Europe", rising from 112 projects secured with a total grant of 24.1M euros under FP7 to 130 projects with a grant of 38M euros under H2020.

At the end of the H2020 (2020) programme, the University of Bordeaux was the 3rd-ranking French university in terms of  participation in framework programmes.

A wide range of projects

Thanks to the excellence of the scientific teams and the back-up from its research support teams, the University of Bordeaux now handles the coordination of several collaborative research and innovation projects funded by European or international programmes:

European projects: a lever for funding and growth

Real willpower

With Horizon Europe, the University of Bordeaux is pursuing its strategy of active involvement in European research and innovation programmes.

That willpower is also being deployed outside the Horizon Europe programme, with active participation of the scientific teams in European programmes such as INTERREG, LIFE, ERANET/JPI and international ANR projects that contribute to internationalising research in conjunction with socio-economic stakeholders.

Support for local projects

The University of Bordeaux networks with research organisations and institutes of higher education on its campus. In collaboration with its partners, the university has set up Soutien Europe, a European support system, to motivate and guide local researchers and lecturer-researchers on the path to European funding, which can be complicated at times.

Within the institution, the support teams for European research programmes have been boosted in order to actively monitor and assist European research and innovation project leaders in their applications, especially for coordinated submissions.