With its academic research partners, the University of Bordeaux encourages the development of research driven by curiosity, contributing to major discoveries in many fields of investigation. Together with society and the socio-economic world, it responds to contemporary problems by providing concrete solutions supported by scientific evidence.

  • Scientific vision

    The University of Bordeaux's scientific vision is founded on the momentum of international research communities, organised in 11 theme-based departments, as well as on the support of seven major research programmes.

  • Doctoral education

    Doctoral students are junior researchers and future scientific experts. Their research requires an approach guided by interaction, curiosity, methodological precision and in-depth fieldwork.

  • Research establishments

    Departments, platforms, institutes, laboratories or even federations: the structural organisation of research at the University of Bordeaux is extensive and diverse.

  • Boost your research

    Knowing where to find funding as well as being well referenced and identified in the world of scientific research and with the general public is crucial for promoting your research and even more so, scientific knowledge as a whole. A range of tools is available to researchers to ensure optimal visibility of University of Bordeaux research.

  • Innovation and the socio-economic sphere

    The University of Bordeaux intends to fully embrace its third mission as a player in innovation, particularly in support of social and environmental transitions. As such, the university contributes to strengthening its territory's capacity to innovate and undertake, thanks to the skills provided to future generations.

  • Science and society

    The University of Bordeaux is committed to the transmission and dissemination of knowledge. One of its missions is to promote dialogue with society beyond its campus walls, to reach the audiences furthest from the academic world.