Olivier Pujolar: Vice-President for partnerships and territories

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Olivier Pujolar, lecturer in private law, was appointed Vice-President for partnerships and territories in February 2022 by Dean Lewis, President of the University of Bordeaux.

Photo : Olivier Pujolar © Arthur Pequin
Olivier Pujolar © Arthur Pequin

As a law student at University Bordeaux I in the early 90s, Olivier Pujolar specialised in labour law. After an Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA), he continued his studies with a thesis during which he discovered teaching and developed a real taste for research. Recruited as a lecturer in 2004 at University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV, he taught labour law in Bachelor and Master degree programmes, as well as law of obligations and introductory law. In terms of research, Olivier Pujolar pursued his work at the Centre for Comparative Labour and Social Security Law (COMPTRASEC), the only joint research unit in legal affairs (UMR) in Bordeaux, where he is still a member. At the same time, he also taught on a regular basis at the Bordeaux Institute of Labour (in French), becoming its director in 2005.

Elected as a member of the Board of Education and University Life (CEVU) in 2008, then Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, followed by CEVU Vice-President of University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV in 2012, Olivier Pujolar was involved in the project to merge the Bordeaux universities. In 2014, Manuel Tunon de Lara, President of the newly-created University of Bordeaux, invited him to take on the mission of Vice-President in charge of partnerships, a portfolio that did not exist at the time in any of the university's institutions and was still rare on the national level. That mission was renewed in 2018 with a broader portfolio including territories, then in 2022 on the proposal of Dean Lewis, who was elected President of the University of Bordeaux in February.

The University of Bordeaux has made substantial progress in structuring its partnership relations. Now the task is to consolidate and capitalise on that progress to coordinate our networks, promote activities and get the community more involved in order to become a university that is heard, with strong territorial roots and enhanced partnership links.

Olivier Pujolar, Vice-President for partnerships and territories

Key dates

1994: Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in labour law, University Bordeaux I

2002: Doctorate, University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV

2004: Lecturer, University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV

2005: Director - Bordeaux Institute of Labour

2010: Vice-Dean - Faculty of Law and Political Science

2012: Vice-President of CEVU, University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV

2014-2018-2022: Vice-President for partnerships and territories, University of Bordeaux

Mission Statement - Olivier Pujolar (in French)

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