Laurence Geny-Denis: Vice-President for life-long learning

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Laurence Gény-Denis, professor of biochemistry and grape physiology, was appointed in charge of life-long learning in February 2022 by Dean Lewis, President of the University of Bordeaux.

Photo : Laurence Geny-Denis © Arthur Pequin
Laurence Geny-Denis © Arthur Pequin

As a native of the Tarn region, Laurence Geny-Denis' roots are in the agricultural world and she's always been passionate about research. She arrived in Bordeaux in 1992 with a double Master degree in plant pathology and the biology of organisms and populations from the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, with the aim of developing research to serve a particular sector. In 1993, she joined the wine industry and the University Bordeaux I Vine Sciences laboratory to pursue an Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in Oenology and Ampelology, followed by a thesis in the same field (study of regulatory mechanisms of grapevine flowering and its impact on yield), which she defended in 1997.

In 2000, Laurence Geny-Denis became a lecturer at the Faculty of Oenology in order to develop research on grape ripening and to offer professionals new tools for evaluating the harvest.
Without waiting for her appointment as a professor in 2016, she became involved in training by creating the first professional degree in vine and wine in 2005, followed by two university diplomas (initiation to oenology / vine pruning and thinning).

In 2014, when the University of Bordeaux was created, she set up the Life-Long Learning department at the Institute of Vine and Wine Science (ISVV > in French) and assumed the responsibility for developing a continuing education offer for all the players involved in the wine industry.

In 2020, Laurence Geny-Denis was appointed deputy director of the ISVV in charge of training programmes. She is especially involved in setting up the work-study programmes within ISVV diplomas, structuring a comprehensive range of training courses from undergraduate to Master degrees to meet the needs of the industry and a cross-disciplinary inter-college training projects on the vine-wine theme to improve the visibility of the University of Bordeaux's know-how in the sector.

In February 2022, she was appointed Vice-President for life-long learning at the University of Bordeaux.

I want to provide support to all the university's continuing education departments to ensure their development, but also to ensure the University of Bordeaux is recognised as a major player in professional training, serving all the national and regional socio-economic stakeholders, and at the same time meeting the major societal challenges of tomorrow.

Laurence Geny-Denis, Vice-President for life-long learning

Key dates

1992 - Master degree in plant pathology and Master degree in biology of organisms - Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse 

1993 - Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in oenology-ampelology - University Bordeaux I

1997 - Doctorate oenology-ampelology - University Bordeaux I

2000 - Lecturer in biochemistry and grape physiology, Faculty of Oenology - Bordeaux Segalen University

2007 - Accreditation to supervise research - Bordeaux Segalen University

2012-2014 - Deputy director of the Oenology Research & Teaching Unit, Bordeaux Segalen University

2014 - Educational head of Life-Long Learning department - ISVV, University of Bordeaux

2016 - Professor of biochemistry and grape physiology - ISVV, University of Bordeaux

2020 - Deputy director in charge of training programmes - ISVV, University of Bordeaux

2022 - Vice-President for life-long learning, University of Bordeaux

Mission Statement - Laurence Geny-Denis (in French)

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