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The University of Bordeaux raises public awareness of scientific research through artistic creation, offering researchers a means to promote their output beyond the academic world.
With debates, lectures, shows, exhibitions and theme evenings, the University of Bordeaux takes a fresh look at research.

Photo : Rocio Berenguer at Cap Sciences © Mathilde Benoist
Rocio Berenguer at Cap Sciences © Mathilde Benoist

Les Rencards du savoir

With 'Knowledge Meet-ups' (the literal translation of Rencards du savoir), an opportunity to question science and understand the world around us, the University of Bordeaux hosts a monthly programme of scientific culture for the general public throughout the academic year. One of the specific features of Les Rencards du savoir is to move away from the conventional lecture format. The venues, such as cafés and cinemas - conducive to a less 'academic' approach - allow for friendly discussions between researchers and the audience. 

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FACTS festival

Since 2014, the University of Bordeaux has set up an Arts & Sciences programme aimed at bringing together researchers and performers in the form of artist residencies in research laboratories. The idea behind the residencies is to foster the emergence of cross-disciplinary research projects. The outcome of the residencies is highlighted during a biennial festival called FACTS (Festival Arts Science Créativité et Technologie).

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SNOWBALL Tutti collective © Anne Lassègues
SNOWBALL Tutti collective © Anne Lassègues
Caroline Tokarski at the Douves market hall © Anne Lassègues
Caroline Tokarski at the Douves market hall © Anne Lassègues


FACTS is the outcome of a dynamic research and creation process in the arts and sciences. Nearly twenty teams of artists and researchers joined forces and created together, daring to combine theatre and neuroscience, music and robotics, juggling and drones, dance and anthropology as well as many other unusual combinations. The residencies gave rise to shows and debates... A programme packed with surprises and live performances, music, dance, theatre and circus acts, as well as installations and novel artistic forms.

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The University of Bordeaux is a privileged forum for creating, exchanging and programming culture, in line with its fundamental missions of education and research.

A vast, eclectic programme along with a wide choice of artistic, cultural and scientific activities are available year round to students, staff and the general public.

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