Jean-Marc Couveignes: Digital security mission officer

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Jean-Marc Couveignes, professor of mathematics, was appointed mission officer of Digital security on the recommendation of President Dean Lewis in April 2022.

Photo : Jean-Marc Couveigne © Gautier Dufau
Jean-Marc Couveigne © Gautier Dufau

Born in 1967 in Marignac, Haute-Garonne, Jean-Marc Couveignes entered the École Polytechnique in 1987. After an Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in mathematics and computer science at Paris 6 University, he joined the Corps de l'armement and prepared a Doctorate in number theory at the A2X laboratory, which soon afterwards merged with the Bordeaux Institute of Mathematics (in French) and the mathematics and computer science department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure.
In 1998, he became a university professor at Toulouse 2 University, and was successively director of the research group in computer science and mathematics at Toulouse 2 University-Le Mirail and of the research federation in mathematics and computer science in Toulouse.

He joined University Bordeaux I in 2011, working at the Bordeaux Institute of Mathematics and on the INRIA LFANT (in French) project team. He was on the scientific board of the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions (CNRS > in French) from 2011 to 2014, and was also the director of the Bordeaux Institute of Mathematics from 2015 to 2019.
In terms of research, Jean Marc Couveignes' work focuses on the effective aspects of number theory and its applications to cryptography. He teaches mathematics to Bachelor, Master and preparatory cycle students in Bordeaux. In addition, he is in charge of studies for the Numerics Graduate Programme at the University of Bordeaux.

Faced with the expansion of digital technology in all areas of higher education and the increase in related risks, my mission is to assist the Vice-President in charge of digital technology and the information systems department in developing and implementing the university's digital security policy for all the training components, departments and staff.

Jean-Marc Couveignes, Digital security mission officer

Key dates

1987 - Admission to Ecole Polytechnique

1990 - Engineer, Corps de l'Armement

1991 - Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) "Mathematical Computing", Paris 6 University

1994 - Doctorate in mathematics, University Bordeaux I

1998 - University professor, Toulouse 2 University

1999 - Research group director in Computer Science and Mathematics, Toulouse 2 University-Le Mirail

2011 - Director of the Toulouse Research Federation in Mathematics and Computing

2015 - Director of the Bordeaux Institute of Mathematics

2022 - Digital security mission officer, University of Bordeaux

Mission Statement - Jean-Marc Couveignes (in French)

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