Bordeaux: a student city

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Well-being is essential to being a successful student and the Bordeaux metropolitan area, where several university campuses are located, definitely provides an unparalleled living environment for students, thanks to its cultural, sporting, artistic and festive offerings.

Photo : Burdicolor on the Bordeaux campus - Bordeaux © Owenza
Burdicolor on the Bordeaux campus - Bordeaux © Owenza

Year after year, Bordeaux is ranked among the best student towns in France and the most pleasant metropolitan areas in Europe. It owes that rank to its unique atmosphere and living environment. Close to the ocean and overlooking the Garonne river, the carefully landscaped town is enjoyable to walk around. Its charm and vitality attract more and more newcomers every year.

With its 88,000 students from all over France and the world, as well as its broad educational offer, the city has become a must for higher education. The fields of study intersect and merge, across different campus sites, where life sciences, health sciences, human and social sciences, law, business, management and political science are studied in degree programmes recognised for their quality.

A modern, easy-to-navigate metropolitan area

Resolutely modern, Bordeaux understands the importance of student mobility. As such, the metropolitan area is woven with an extensive transport network (TBM), meticulously designed along the major thoroughfares. In all directions, it links the suburbs to the town centre within minutes.

Substantial resources have been implemented to make life easier for residents, with the creation of four tramway lines, which are updated yearly, the increased number of bus lines or the development of self-service bikes and bike paths.
Considering all the options, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting to and from campus quickly and conveniently on a daily basis.

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Whatever your campus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the University of Bordeaux provides an attractive living and studying environment.

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Bordeaux, les quais de la rive droite © Vincent Bengold

An environmentally-friendly, epicurean town that's both sports- and culture-oriented, with a strong taste for what's good and beautiful. Its monuments, architecture, majestic squares and their many terraces, make it the setting for a fulfilling and enjoyable student life. 

Cultural and creative

Bordeaux also stands out thanks to its rich cultural life with its many museums that dot its main thoroughfares, such as the Musée d'Aquitaine (history; in French), Musée des Beaux-Arts (fine arts; in French), the CAPC museum of contemporary art (in French), the Bordeaux Museum of Science and Nature (in French) and a number of others. 
Cinemas have also branched out with rich, eclectic programmes and regularly-scheduled events. The same is true for the art, theatre and music festivals that have earned the city its reputation.

And that's not counting the countless restaurants that keep the heart of the metropolis beating and the many bars that set the pace for student nights out on the town and wake the sleeping beauty.
The town is ideal for enjoying a vibrant social and cultural life. With new players and complexes such as Espace Darwin, an alternative venue on the right bank, Les Hangars on the quays or the Base Sous-Marine, the metropolis is constantly renewing its urban lifestyle's energy and enthusiasm.  

Bordeaux: a living environment for students © Vincent Bengold
Bordeaux: a living environment for students © Vincent Bengold