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Joining the University of Bordeaux means integrating one of France’s leading universities. It means working in a privileged environment, in a diverse and socially-committed community. It means rising to the scientific and societal challenges of the 21st century.

News In the spotlight

  • A new University-Hospital Institute in Bordeaux

    The Precision and global vascular brain health institute (VBHI) project, coordinated by the University of Bordeaux and supported by Bordeaux...

  • A new international Master in Mechanical Engineering for Industry 4.0

    The Mechanical Engineering for Industry 4.0 (IMMEI4.0) online international Master programme is dedicated to the training of mechanical engineers who...

  • A study of vine resistance to drought identifies the grape varieties and wine-growing regions most at risk

    Wine-growing regions around the world have recently been confronted with intense and frequent droughts and heat waves. Against this backdrop of...

  • AI: a new French algorithm inspired by GPT improves trauma surveillance

    In France, one third of emergency room visits are due to trauma. In order to better understand the mechanisms involved and improve treatment, a...

Portraits Our faces, Our voices

  • Lison Bossus at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom

    Lison Bossus is a Bachelor student majoring in psychology at the University of Bordeaux. She is currently spending her second year at the University of Warwick in Coventry, United Kingdom.

  • "Students call me Mère Castor, the storyteller"

  • Bordeaux a student city

    An environmentally-friendly, epicurean town that’s both sports- and culture-oriented, with a strong taste for what’s good and beautiful.

  • Share the awesome values of university sports, whether in competition, as part of your degree programme or just for leisure, the experience is sure to be fulfilling!

  • Committed to the social, economic, cultural and environmental balance of its communities, the University of Bordeaux is firmly rooted in its region.

  • Debates, lectures, performances, exhibitions and theme evenings on science-related topics, the University of Bordeaux takes a fresh look at research.

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