Improving life on campus

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Equality, diversity, vulnerability, health, quality of life at work, social cohesion and access to culture are all challenges that must be met if societal transitions are to be successful. On its campus sites, the University of Bordeaux has made a commitment and is rolling out a variety of measures to help the entire community.

Commitment objectives

  • Improve the means for dealing with all forms of violence, for the entire university community
  • Broaden the university community's awareness and training with respect to equality and inclusion
  • Strengthen coordination with regional actors to ensure better response to student vulnerability
  • Implement social innovation projects to fight against student and staff vulnerability
  • Develop accessibility to the housing offer for students and staff

Key achievements

Equality and diversity
- Signature of the RESET project (2021)
- Adoption of the new Disability Master Plan 2021-2026 
- Adoption of the new Equality Action Plan 2021-2024

Vulnerability (social action)
- Switch to paperless procedures for student social assistance
- Creation of a department specifically dedicated to social action
- Improvement of prevention and detection of vulnerable situations

Health, quality of life while working and studying, social cohesion
- Implementation of the Law on Student Guidance and Success (in French)
- Dissemination of a remote work charter (in French)
- Conduct of surveys on remote working conditions
- Provision of resources for managers to facilitate new working practices
- Dissemination of the housing guide (in French) and roll-out of a dedicated platform
- Installation of socially-responsible food trucks on campus

Available services

For students:

For staff

The range of social benefits includes aid for:

  • Families
  • Disabled children
  • Children's holidays/camps and trips
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transportation

Visit the dedicated section on the staff portal (in French)

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